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got me thinking of the point of life, vs what we are consitioned for. Dare I say that? Well from the companies perspective obviously we are peasants, we are slaves. They are the big corporation owners and they have invaded the world- told us the hours we are to work- the wages that we are to get paid and the rules we are to follow- someone that decided they were above us- that created a company decided that, and we agreeed.We agreed to a select few having more money than the 95% of the population combined. So we go to work- we work hard for these companies- where they tell us that if we work hard we will be able to one day be rich like them. SO we work hard and hard and hard- but they are the owners and they decided they do not want to give up power- so they continue to sell the american dream- when in reality they have it rigged from the top goverment agencies- to wall street at there command. You think there is anyway you will get your fair share when they control everything? Yeah if they were not in it for the money but obviopusly they are by there actions- they are taking out life insurance policies on workers betting that they will die, and if/when they do- they recieve money in that person's name. The health care industry breaks health does not promote it? Why? It has been infultraded with large corporation that care about what? They care about the bottom line! and you think they want to share it with you??? OF COURSE NOT! they would rather have you dead then get there piece of the pie. WHat a sick- egoic not self sustaining agenda. I am not having it. Not anymore. And worse of as Michael Moore stated they have a whole propaganda behind this idea creating the illusion of the american dream and worst of all consitionin us daily to be consumers of their products....we work for them for a miniscul amount of what they make. We strive in life for the money- living to work hard for that illusion that one day we will be like them! We work hard at the expense of really living- living following the god-given intution within-of self expression to work for this company- then we are working for things- how many people do you see basing their life around things and positions. I would say 99.9% of the people around that I see, they are working for a corporation, working hard for a higher position and better pay- why? to aquire more things? WHy? Do we ever stop to think about why????? WHy do we do this? Cause we like the mercedes- the "good" life- isn't that a feeling not a thing? Have we been lied to? Have we been duped? A whole society at the mercy of these liars, breaking our spirits, not telling us the truth of our beings- acutually wanting us to believe we are not whole enough, good, enough, complete enough, pretty enough within, so they can sell us "happiness" so they can sell us "wholeness" in whatever form you chose- theres many out there...pick one- a car,clothes, make-up,name brands. Pivk you poison.
So in essence- we work- believing if we work hard=ballar status in the future! For what? More things! Who makes those things? The very companies that all of us work what are they doing? Brainwashing us to work to buy- a huge circle where in essence they are loaning us the money and we hand it back in exchange for things- that don't fill us- do not follow our god given talents, do not do anything for us but sit there. SO why follow this rat race plan? For the benifit of the few. SO whats the point of life? WHats the solution. Well to each his own. I feel after much conteplation and connection it is for individual expression of the soul- yes it includes material- but not addiction- only when it is from the soul first- such as my soul telling me I should dance- for personal expression- I my tap shoes becuase my heart is guiding me to do so. But other than that is everyone was following their god given intuition and creating instead of consuming I definitely think you wouldn't see so many people chasing this cash- thinking it leads to happiness always missing the now and hoping for the future. The future of cars clothes and things. Wake up. That is an illusion from the higher up's to get you to do what they say- to work for them instead of following your heart- to hold in front of you money and to make you believe if you foillow your heart it is more risky- when I actually think if you trust and follow you heart all else will be provided for you- including money. SO we don't have to live in fear- that it won't be ok if we just let go- and live life for real...So here I am figuring out my individual expression- unraveling the lies. And so deep they go, yet as we learn the truth it does set us free- becauser we have a choice- and when there is choice there is freedom.

My next step is to figure out my point in life- it is much different than what I used to think.

Meaning of life- whatever you create it to be! So lets wake up and see more views, more ecpressions of the auethenic soul- and that is really living.

I dare myself and I dare you to not longer walk in the illusion, and fear.

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