The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Wow a month almost down and I feel like starting over because I have not been focusing like I wanted too. Partly because I deal with mental health issues but I still have manifested some great things. Like my job, even though I have made a big mistake and was out for a few days my job accepted me with loving arms. I love my job! the atmosphere, the people, the money, what I do I love it all. 

My husband is so supportive and hes always right there for me so I am so blessed and joyful about that. My health is good I have apts set up for myself (gyn) and children (physicals and shots) but still have to get hubby (dr) and my daughter seen at sports med. I also need a mental health appt for myself. 

My weight had dropped significantly and my goal was to gain weight. I was doing very well for a few months going from 114-135 and I loved it now I am back down to about 122. So the goal is to order my apetamine that helped me before and get those pounds back.

So the goals for this month is to

to be a success at work-show up and do what is required and more

love on my kids and family and really make memorable times together

get mental health help

create a budget once and for all

my license and car back

gain 8-10 pounds 

connect and have time with a friend or two


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Comment by Monimons on April 4, 2018 at 5:15pm

I love how positive your post is. You had some blips, things you want to focus on but overall you sound really grateful and lucky. This is the frame of mind I want to be in!! Maybe by day 30 ;)

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