The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Greetings Co-Creating Our Reality family. My name is Tony and I'm writing my first blog entry on this site. I find this concept of taking 100 days at a time and consciously applying the Universal Laws and various practices to our lives superbly brilliant.

Sometimes life really seems like a really BIG DEAL. When we learn that we hold within us the power to fashion and create the reality we find ourselves maneuvering in it causes a surge of memory as Creator's and wash of the infinite freedom of our Spirit, only to be followed by a feeling of overwhelm.

"Infinite possibilities!? You mean I can pick ANYTHING!?"

Excitement returns.

I can choose anything. I can be, do or have anything I can conceive. If I can conceive it, the Universe has the ability to deliver it to me in a joyous way. I just have to get out of the way.

Uh-oh, overwhelm again!

How do I get out of my own way!? Do I use this affirmation, this meditation, that technique or this energy method? Do I need to do them all for any of this to "work"? Ten years working with the Laws of the Universe and I have learned that I get the most powerful results by doing something, ANYTHING repetitively. Repetition flows me into what I call "the allowing space" where my intentions awaken in my reality.

"Stick-to-it-ness" has been my hurdle. It is easy for me to meditate, it is easy for me to see my beliefs, it is easy for me to align with the energy of my intentions, but in the past it has been easy for me to get sidetracked and begin to focus on other things, and allow my heart aligned intentions to sit on the sidelines.

This isn't a bad thing. Every experience creates the potential for a new amazing reality. Every question creates a vacuum of brilliant becoming - a becoming of greater wisdom, joy and freedom.

I like this idea of 100 days at a time. I can focus on my heart aligned intentions for 100 days. I can focus on 5 practices to keep me in the sacred space of allowing each day. I can watch others do the same thing, congratulate them knowing that their joy and success is a joy and a success for me as well.

I am joyful that the All-That-Is has inspired the co-creators of this 100 day experiment, this website, and each of the beautiful members present here. I am grateful that the All-That-Is has inspired us to come together for co-creating and expanding consciousness to heights yet unimagined. I am grateful for this journey ahead of me and I am grateful for life, the fabric of love.

You are brilliant.

Much love,

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Comment by Marina Kennedy on January 31, 2010 at 9:08am
Yes, I agree with Jilly I too, love what u said. Very well put! Welcome Tony nice to have u here!!! Marina
Comment by Jill on January 31, 2010 at 1:55am
Hi Again Tony, I am grateful you are here on co-creators. I love what you said "I just have to get out of the way". If I may, I will use that. I could never find the words when advising one that is "stuck" and it is clear that they are in their own thanks, Jilly

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