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An INNER world and an OUTER world....

We all live in two worlds and inner world of thought and an outer world of manifestation. I have reached (finally) an understanding that to manifest ANYTHING in my life I have ONE thing to do...... CLAIM IT NOW. I AM and I have.... everything else to me is all talk as far as manifesting is concerned. It is an INSIDE JOB.... it doesn't matter what i proclaim to anyone in this world.... what matters is what I believe in my own world of thought. Can I see in my imagination and hear and smell and taste and touch as vividly as I can with my outer senses? If I can I have mastered the ART of living my DREAM LIFE. Life just keeps getting better and better as I live more WITHIN than I do without.... I concentrate and observe the within and then just experience all that in my outer world ..... We turn to NO ONE...... we give ourselves our desires by CLAIMING IT NOW.... never I will or I am going to .... it is always I AM and I HAVE.... and if it isn't NOW then I will never manifest it EVER..... we MUST possess our desires in the mind FIRST.... or it will never manifest in our world.... and to truly know that secret is to KNOW the truth that sets us free.... we then KNOW it is created within in our world of thought and belief..... and THAT me.... is TRULY AMAZING. Our circumstances and experiences in life are FIRST CREATED IN THOUGHT, BELIEF and FEELING.... as to what is true BEFORE we see it in the outer world of sense.....


I feel like I have truly found the secret to life with this ONE DISCOVERY.


If you want something just claim it is already yours and KEEP CLAIMING IT and never stop claiming it if it takes a year.... just keep claiming it... but you do it WITHIN and not telling the world that you have something that that wworld can't see yet.... YOU see it WITHIN.... and YOU know it is real.... and when it manifests the world will TELL YOU.... you won;t ever have to tell them..... I LOVE THIS.

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Comment by Snigdha Jain on June 16, 2011 at 1:02pm
I love this too!! :D
Comment by David on June 16, 2011 at 10:55am

Hi Jilly, I have that book, one of my little treasures just waiting for me to get to one of these days.


Thank you Shayla, your post is inspiring as well, a reminder to stay focused on our within and "LET" the without happen according to my beliefs within.



Comment by Shayla on June 15, 2011 at 9:19pm
You inspired me to live how I was living during my first and second season. Everything I believed I already had jus came to me fast and easy. Then I started living in need. I need a car.. I need money and I always needed what I said..I lived in I'm going back to that place within myself knowing I have what I desire no matter how long it takes to materialize. Thank you
Comment by Jill on June 15, 2011 at 8:38pm

Oh David this was so thrilling to read. I just finished Gary Zukav's book "The Seat of the Soul". He talks all about this in his book.  I spoke to me in all its profoundness and so I picked up another of his books...called "Soul to Soul". Another diamond, I must say.

I know you you will experience much joy in The Seat of the Soul...

Love and Light, J

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