The 100 Day Reality Challenge

And before you know it, here you are!

Whoa!!! Hello wonderful co-creators!!! Time flies, and before you know it- HERE WE ARE! I am so excited to be here! This marks the setting for my new Season here, and I am curious and excited for this journey. One thing specific to this Season is that this will also mark the beginning of my M.B.S. Journey. It is a journey I will take myself in where my focus will be to align Mind-Body-Soul to ignite the power within and manifest incredibly juicy intentions that will go beyond anything I've every done, and even imagine. I will be unbelievably open in this journey as I will openly publish all my insights, successes, obstacles, and emotions on this page both by blogging and videos. hope that I can count on your support! I am excited to get to know many of you and be here to have fun and support your journey as well.

SEASON 6 Intentions and Goals

1. I have released at least 15 pounds during my M.B.S. Journey.

2. I feel healthier each day. I exercise and meditate daily. I write on journal, blog, or video blog daily.

3. Clients continue to come to me easily. I attend at least 1 networking event monthly. I spend one hour a day in continuing education. I AM A BRILLIANT COACH.

4. I have financial freedom by continuing to invest in financial independence and savings. 20K15!

5. I have great relationships full of love with everyone I know, especially my son. My family and friends love me and support me in all of my dreams.

6. I have freedom from my career to be there for all of my son's extracurricular activities and I am very active in his school by volunteering at least once a week.

7. I am truly blessed and travel to new and beautiful places. Every time my son gets a break from school, we are able to go on a vacation and appreciate all he beauty this world has to offer. By the end of the Season we will have enjoyed Mexico and Disneyland. I CAN COACH WHILE ON MY VACATIONS :)

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