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We had a much needed beautiful and vibrant sunny day last week.I decided to take my daughter to the local beach.I felt like walking a different way on this day, I wanted to go to a different part.When I found a way to enter the beach there was only step's.My daughter was in her buggy and I managed to get us onto the wonderful sand.

Oh how glorious it felt, my little girl running around..trying to run into the water:)!....The orange cliffs, the sparkling sea,the clear blue sky....Just awesome.I took some lovely deep breathes and moulded myself into my surroundings.

My little girl was having me chase her to stop her from getting her socks and shoes soaked (not quite that warm a day!) .

The beach was quite empty, just a few people jogging passed.Then a woman came and my daughter went running up to her.She wanted the woman to stay.She held the woman's hand and I collected the buggy which we had moved quite far from.Of course now I did not have to struggle at all with getting buggy and toddler up those fairly steep steps.I had help!

When we reached the top the woman said "well this is the way I go" and said goodbye.I went my way and she her's.I did'nt look back ,so who know's ! But I would like to say Thankyou  universe for alway's providing.Proving alway's that if you take action that is all you need to do....all fall's into place to help you:)

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Comment by brandy ryan on February 24, 2011 at 12:32am
awww! nice descript!

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