The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today is the day I have decided to start my 100 day challenge. It is exactly 2 months ago I started the first round of the hcg diet. The second reason is because today is my grandaughter's 3rd birthday.

Sometime in the next 5 weeks I will be starting the second round of the hcg diet and the end of the second round phase 4 will come slightly before the end of this 100 day challenge'

I have in the past used abe-hicks "creative workshop" process and found it to work really well for me so will begin with that process. I will do blogging and vblogging to record my progress.

I hope to spend the next 5 weeks or so firming and toning before I start round 2 of hcg. And I intend to use callentics and other isometric exercises to do that.

My main goal though is a new career for me, and I am expecting that this blog/vblog and my hcg progress will help my attain that goal as well as others.

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