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I just got back yesterday from my art themed cruise. We left from FL and went to Coco Cay, St. Thomas and St. Maartin.

While in St. Thomas I ran into Henry, my last tour guide when I was there. He said HONEY!!! Your coming with me!!! He wisked me and Mikell into his tour jeep and away we went. He said "Never fear! HENRY is here!" It was SO great to be back in his presence. He is in his 70's with the energy and physique of a 30 year old. He is a native and stops and shows all of the plants and their medicinal uses, etc. He took us to his friends radio station for a tour. Last time he took my entire family to his house. He is an amazing man and I manifested him the night before~~ while talking about him at dinner. SO incredibly cool!!

And I have manifested my beach life. We are moving to FL. The decision is made and we move sometime in the spring or summer according to when the house sells.


Over all it took me until about Thursday to feel alive again. When I realized that I thought this is no good. Things have to change. Where we are right now is just depleting me and my husband and being where I want to be was like water after a week on a desert. Suddenly I could breathe again. I was back in my body. Its so funny how you don't realize that your partially out of yourself until you come back in....and then MAGIC. Its like a gulp of air. There are no other words to explain it. I need to be near crystal teal water and sand and sun. I knew the decision was made for sure when I told my girlfriend that my family can come, including my husband, or not. I'm going. Thankfully he was fully on board with the decision. I do beleive he is becoming a free spirit! How fantastic is that???


So this will be the year for adventures and I'm excited!!! It won't be long now until I'm living in the climate and the area that I want to be living in. Its manifesting time!! I will be traveling back and forth quite a bit this winter so those will be my upcoming posts. And actually now that I think of it I think I'll start my new season on Nov. 1st. And the list will consist of MOVE TO FL!   :o)



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Comment by Gypsie on December 30, 2011 at 6:40pm

OMG this is wonderful! We have been discussing to move to Florida as well! Believe it or not.....this is true! Not sure where in Florida yet but the idea has been talked about for almost a year now. 


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