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Beauty, Diet, SkinCAre- Healthy Foods Update.. Need a Low Cal. Muffin Recipe

Hi Everyone.. Doing good Diet wise.. Drinking Green Tea/ &Wulong.. I add Cayanne pepper, and a Dash of lemon A Pinapple Face Wash/and Toner Taking a Multi Vitamin.. Also I use E topical for Skin.. ALA/ CLA. supplements. a Diet Supplement.. and Co-Q 10 I just bought a Huge Bottle of (Fish/boarat/FLAX Omega 3,6,9 OIL)- Capsules So I think.. i'm set.. My skin, looks and feels better I'm looking forward around the FEB.18 th The Results of Skin and VITamin A,C,E/Alpha Hydroxy- Moisturer Cream .. I'm eating High fibre Ceral/ Porage with cranberries and have some nuts.. like Almonds to munch.. only a few.. I know High in good FATS! Salads with lemon/olive oil.. Actually I had a crispy fried chicken sandwich today it was Horrific! So, I must be Getting Much Better; Need more WATER to drink.. I am drinking Acai-Berry-Blueberry, and Promgranite Juice.. The other Day. I tried a few Br. Rice Chips with Sea Salt.. totally awsome less calories then reg chips.. and much more Healthier. Just need to drink water.. eat more Fruit.. and Workout more.. I'm on the Right Track!!!!!!! Good Luck Everyone; I need a Good Low Fat Muffin Recipes.. under 220 calories or less Thanks;
Kelly :)-

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