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been a long time, but EVERYTHING has come to me!

wow! i haven't posted in months on here! i've been crazy busy over the holidays and i've really been working hard on trying to start up a new business.  I've also been listening to lots of oracle card readings on youtube and they have been spot on with what's been going on in my life!   by listening to the messages they have been sending to me, i have realized that i needed to simplify things in my life and i have decided to take a break from my home business for a while and just focus on working outside my home and being the best mom i can be! i was tired of coming home from work and working some more on things for my website, so now i've really had to get used to just doing "nothing" with the kiddos!  i actually snuggled up on the couch and watched a movie yesterday with my daughter WITHOUT working on something else at the same time! and that felt great!!!


now to update my manifestations!!!  if you've read my blog on here, you know that over a year ago, my hubby sold his beloved truck to help pay the bills during a hard period in our lives.  he was heartbroken and for months and months, that's all i focused on to manifest.  a way to get the truck back.  well, we almost bought a new truck about 4 times and something always fell thru.  last week, after our tax return came in, he called the people that bought our truck (which has been sitting there this whole time not being driven because they couldn't afford to pay the taxes on the sale or to pay to have it registered in their names) to see how much they wanted for it if he paid cash.   they told him about a THIRD of what they paid us for it!!!  so...hubby paid cash and bought HIS truck back!!!!  life seems just right now that he has it back.  he even said the "stars are aligned now"! LOL!


plus our return was so big that we decided to plan a surprise trip to disney for the kids!!!  but after starting to plan it, we realized that they are way more into the nickelodeon  characters, so we are going to universal studios instead over spring break!!!  it will be a complete surprise to them!!!  i am so excited i can't stand it!!!


so this just proves that if you are patient, things will come to you if you ask!!!  now that i have EVERYTHING that was on my vision board, i am so happy that i don't even know what to ask for next!!! LOL!  oh and i had $10,000 on my vision board...well, our return was $8000 and part of my hubby's grant for school came in the next day for $2300! LOL! so there was the $10,000 in our savings! 


ask, believe, and receive!!! (just be patient!  it may take a year, but it WILL happen!)

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Comment by Claudia Blanton on February 21, 2011 at 11:05am
Good for you! I love hearing such success stories, it inspires me to stay on track, and to continue to tell people about how great life can be! Thanks for the motivation!

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