The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Being Grateful to Universe for my Friends

Universe, Source, Love, Light,

Thank you for the the people that you directed towards me, and me towards them. Thank you for my new friends. Thank you for crossing our roads, which from that first moment become one. From now on we follow together into the same direction. We support each other, inspire each other, share ideas, guide eachother in loving way. We act together for the collective good. We enjoy art, music, journeys, food together. We empower eachother. We believe in one another and in ourselves. We help one another to bring the best in ourselves, and we help also other people to do the same. We are powerful. We respect eachother.

I feel loved and wanted by my friends.

I feel unity with them. 

We are close to eachother, in our spirits, in our hearts and in our bodies. 

When we are together, we are at ease, we can be who we really are. And we are like that more and more frequently. Not only when we spend time together, but also when we are leading our day to day lives. And then, when we meet, we share that, our experiences, we speak about how it is to be truly ourselves in different, everyday situations. And being ourselves, being myself is always good! It always brings positive results!

We smile and laugh a lot together. Light surrounds us. Beautiful colors surround us. Vivid green, pink, sky blue, orange, yellow. We always feel warm. Lovely sounds surround us. The sound of a mild, warm wind, of the ocean waves, of birds singing, of other people's chats, of leaves on the trees moved by the wind, enjoyable sounds of cities and nature. 

We take strolls often together and talk, having a take away coffees in our hands, or cups of ice creams. From time to time we enjoy together the powers of divine plants, that universe gives us in different forms. With some of my friends we established theatre group. We celebrate our successes together, our collective successes of us as a group, but also our personal ones. We dance and sing together. We have positive attitude.

Some of my friends I already know, but we deepened our relationship, we got to know eachother from this other side. Some of my friends I am about to meet. Some of my friends are people that I admire. People that I used to watch interviews with or read their books, but now we have this deep, personal connection.

Universe, Source, Love, Life,

Thank you for Them.

And they are thankful to You for me too :)

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