The 100 Day Reality Challenge

makes me feel whole again and again and again.
Like the rain water washing over me is not only a cleanse but an embracement of life nurturing my soul as Desiree in flesh. I see myself anew in all moments re-meeting me only to find more of what I desire and have been desiring my whole life. I am thankful... my appreciation goes deep and as I tap into this knowledge of fields of feelings my embarking on my own solitude in my body is giving me clarity. I see clearer, I hear clearer, I feel clearer I taste clearer, I know clearer, I live clearer, I dream bigger and I love deeper. I see that I know myself to be nothing and everything and that alone is not just guru words that someone taught me whether I have heard it before or where my Heart brought it to me, it is there! It is present as me that I am from within all that is and ever will be and I am also nothing and in that sense meaning all moment are as fresh and new as the awareness of allowing change to be my friend. The world nourishes me helping me feel whole again and again and again. Reigniting me as its consciousness accepts my life living on it and I to it accept living here in my elemental planet of me. I appreciate this. I am confident in my ability to be able to do something for and with the world on a large scale. Giving to the people what it means to love the heart in such expansive times. Thank you God, the world, all that exists... LOVE and JOY. BLISS is my dear friend and I am meeting up with Bliss today to say hello and re-mingle the expansive sensations of our time together making me know more how to be with it in me and me give more to bliss to add to the pile of its collective consciousness being a better version of itself when meeting another in the same moments or another. Peace be you all! 

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