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hi all!

so my desires have really been evolving and with them so has my awareness of some things

this is what I used to want... to live a distinguished life, one of accomplishemnt (whatever that means) and purpose. I wanted to live somewhere noble where ppl were doing noble things like protecting the environment or contributing to society. I have wanted to be evrthg from a marine biologist to an academic researcher to a university professor to an orchestral member to most recently (though still some time ago...) a psychologist! I used to shun ppl who wanted to live in frivolous places like hawaii and be an actress, for ie. I wanted to do smthg meaningful like live in africa and help orphans

well if you know me at all (and a lot of you do), you know that alllll that has definitely changed!!! even as recently as a few of years ago I still felt some of these things. but through identifying what I REALLY really want, I know that I want a frivolous lifestyle!! fun, happy, free, living on beachfront in hawaii or maybe australia (and I used to think it was kind of a sell-out vacation place... no offense!)

I discovered just how much I LOVE hit music. like I mean I loooove the top 40! I love killer hooks and sweet topline melodies and thumping basslines. I love writing it! funny thing is that freedom is the most important thing in the world to me, yet I was on the path to becoming a U prof stuck in an office day in and day out and probably without a window!

not only that but I kind of want to jive with celebrities ") oh yeah and to marry bryan adams :) well, at least make out with him! and... I want a car worth 100 000 grand or more, why not? and I make fast and easy money without hardly doing anything! oh it's great!

I want rihanna to record a few of my songs and I want to rock out with the girls after a smashing concert they were performing in!

I am realising that all these things are just reflection of energy. and the more I come into alignment w/ who I really am, the more I think about them and thinking about them makes me feel fabulous! these fancy material things are just a reflection of the inner me! and certain celebrities just reflect my own creative high energy and free-flowing, accepting and successful state of mind. that's it!

in the past I would feel embarrassed about wanting these things. but no more! of course I want to travel to places like rome, egypt, africa, japan, experience culture. I still like and appreciate academics and miss it smtms. but I can't deny what it is that I really want and who I really am. I am not the uptight girl anymore who needed a high profile career to feel worthy and suffered in snow and freezing cold for many years because I thought it made me stronger. I am a beach girl! and I want to experience a bit of tinseltown!

I am soooo much more laid back and relaxed than I have ever been. and I really know what I want! It's awesome! so , what do you want? :)

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Comment by Oshuna on November 2, 2010 at 8:14am
Thank you for sharing this Brandy. Being embarrassed about our wants just make things stressful and doesnt allow us to be who we truly are. This really opened my eyes that I need to be ok with my wants. I want to be a member of a girlgroup or should I say woman group lol and collaborate with my members to make creative, great music hit songs on the radio. Travel around the world performing and inspiring people to live their dreams. I want to learn Korean and be able to work in South Korea and go on the shows there and have fun. I want to hang out with celebs from around the world. I want to live in a house by a beautiful big lake. I want to drive a cool looking classic car from the 50's or 60's. Thats all I can think of now.
Comment by Kelly Martin on November 2, 2010 at 7:29am
Brandy I totally utterly get this! like you I thought I wanted all the achievements that 'appeared' to be very 'worthy' of wanting. I did an environmental studies degree which was great but my ego/social identity really wanted to say "hey look at me im a conservationist" what a 'worthy' thing to be. But I realised all of the desires of the past were what would conform me with society and everyONE else in the peanut gallery would approve. I am learning that its okay to want what I want. And this involves travelling the world, being an adventurer and playing in this playground of life (in the most luxurious of ways!). I am learning right now as we speak about this. I love you girlfriend, I totally totally get you! (oh and staying at the beverley wiltshire in L.A on my stopover to New Zealand and bumping into Jacob off the twilight series and having a chat with Robert Pattinson in the elevator kinda excites me heaps!). I want most of all to feel good about me and part of this is feeling good about my wants. I remember over a year ago being afraid of wanting what i wanted so I shut my wants down and I was watching Charmed on tv and the tv froze at the exact moment one of the witch ladies said "its okay to want what you want". So wanting. Yes wanting.
Comment by Lori on November 1, 2010 at 10:23pm
Woo Hoo! I want a shiney new sports car and enough free time to do what ever I want. I want to take yoga classes and get a GREAT personal trainer! I want to design my own house and have it built in an area of my choice! I want it to be a green, environmental house. Right now, I want to work on my spiritual self and read lots of books or watch videos or go to workshops! I want to travel the US in an RV and spend a summer in my favorite town in Washington!

Brandy, I have no shame in writing any of this. I deserve all of it and when I write it, I can start to feel it and how much fun it would be to live life without a care in the world, having fun, doing whatever I wanted...taking cooking classes in Italy, and a mediterranean cruise. I really do think that in a past life I must have been rich, rich, rich because I really think it would come easily!!!

You go girl with your dreams!!!! You know what I've decided...I think we'll be trying to get pregnant in Jan. If I'm not pregant by next spring semester (in a year), I'm taking a leave of absence! Hubby will be making enough money for both of us, so I'm going to take time for me! Of course, if we have a baby, then I'll be taking that time off for the two of us!!!

Life is's vibrating high in this post!!!! WOO HOOOOOO!!!!!


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