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Hello everyone. I am writing this after much thinking.
As this two words are similar but having some difference. Like in INDIA, or particularly say in HINDI language belief is called-"Shraddha" and trust is called -"Viswas". So, often people use words that-"Whatever religion you follow, your SHRADDHA in your God should be there. Then and then only religions are important. If SHRADDHA is not there then nothing you will get.

However word SHRADDHA is something different than BELIEF but I am here taking them same to explain the difference. So here on the top as I mentioned, most of I heard of BELIEF IN GOD than TRUST in GOD.

SO difference are that as I listed some below.
Belief is basically connected to the heart. Whether there is legacy or myth about anything, whether you have experienced it or not, but you believe in that. Like, for example, I just by my intution believing that Germany should be best. I like Germany. I had never been in the past there. yet my belief was strong in that. Later it came true and I came to know that Germany is best in mechanical engineering. Most of intelligent scientists are from there only in mechanical side. And yesterday even BAYREN MUNICH -football team won against BARCELONA. I never played nor watched the game of football, yet I had belief in evruthing of Germany. So, that's what all about BELIEF. You haven't experienced, yet you believe.

Trust is related to mind first than heart. Means, first you want experience and then you trust it. Like you don't trust everyone you haven't seen and haven't met. Even after single meeting you don't get fully trust. Trust is something called-"TRIED AND TESTED AND EXPERIENCED BELIEF".Like a particular man can cook the best recipie, that you only can believe once you test it. So, later even someone challenges you, you can firmly took stand and say to him boldly that, no I have trust on him, HE can cook. So, you can't sell TRUST without testing. If you're giving, it is called your SHRADDHA in that person(here BELIEF cant be used). So,TALKING MORE IN TERMS OF HUMAN, TRUSTING IS THE BELIEVING OF ONES ATTITUDE, CHARACTERISTICS, QUALITY, BEHAVIOUR and all that. While in BELIEF-SHRADDHA, THERE IS NO QUESTION OF QUESTIONING THIS TERMS OF HUMAN. EVEN for non-living things, TRUST is about questioning their quality and all that included in process of TRUST. I think, no further explanation is needed to explain trust. Because, you are well known familiar with TRUST.

So, according to me what you get by your intuition is right because it is your inner voice. Whatever you trust is like -you have questioned that truth or the phenomena. So, you never ask for proof of your general late coming of your partner. You never question your GOD to do magic for you. Isn't it? You believe them without any proof. That's important. That's shows your faith in that person. And most of relations are formed here on that basis only.(I know about INDIA, rest I don't know much, but mostly it would be same).

So according to me, though you look SHRADDHA without proof as a weak, but it shows your pure faith. Perhaps you have heard this words-"If you do questioning/judging the people, you don't have time to love them." So, real or faithfulness grows in SHRADDHA not in TRUST.

This are my personal views. May be your views are different. You can tell me yours...
Have a great day :)

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Comment by krunal parmar on April 24, 2013 at 12:54pm
Comment by krunal parmar on April 24, 2013 at 12:31pm
To calmwind-
What's the meaning of being Black and white?
Comment by krunal parmar on April 24, 2013 at 10:27am
Hello Dr Battina, the comment was nice but with mistake...

Do U believe in unquestionable love?
If yes, then that is what OSHO wants to say that, do unquestionable love, undoubted love to life and life will no more simple...thats what required in LOA even and towards GOD even that UNQUESTIONED LOVE, UNDOUBTED FAITH/LOVE...and that's what I named as SHRADDHA or in English -BELIEF(confusion may arise as belief cant exactly replace SHRADDHA as I mentioned)
So, instead there BELIEVE should be used..
One more advice-Don't ever believe all said by FAMOUS PERSON. I know he may more intelligent in psychology, spritual things...but you're not lesser than him. All answers are within you. Think by yourself.

And another thing, most of time what you first read always make some space in your heart and always question the another fact/truth/contradictory thing and make you not believe that one.. Like, for example you have been taught that earth is round. Many people/whole world agreed that. Now if some alien comes to you and put a contradiction then, you won't believe on him. That's for sure.(though the example was funny) So, always have some space to new understanding and view it with writer's perspective...
Have a gud day...
Comment by krunal parmar on April 24, 2013 at 10:16am
Hello, Calmwind.. First of all remove the confusion over title.. I admit that belief and trust are in coherance with each other definitely..

You wrote-"You trust cause you have unquestioning faith". Its true but you just think, how you would come to the point of trusting something? Your mind first automatically anaylze all the doubts, sometimes even you don't know. Like, when you meet a person, according to your likes/dislikes your mind do anlysis of that person. Suppose you dont like a person that speak lies often. Now during the course of time, if that person ever lies you, you won't have any trust in that. So, trust is what you get after all analysis. THAT'S Y AFTER GETTING TRYST YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVE NO QUESTION AND FULL FAITH. While IN SHRADDHA, BEFORE DOING ANY ANALYSIS YOU HAVE FAITH.

AND IF YOU deeply think peacefully, LOA works on SHRADDHA , not your trust. If you ever question your manifestation process, you wouldn't get it...So, if you have faith with no question it is called SHRRADHA. A bit long i want to explain but i will if you have still doubts remained..
Comment by Bettina on April 24, 2013 at 9:56am

   Hi, Krunal ...

   ... that's funny ... this morning, in the french CCOR, a man, french, but living in Israel, sent this comment:

   "TRUST LIFE ... with an innocent heart.

     With trust something immense opens up.

     Then life is no longer ordinary life,

      it becomes full of God, overflowing.

      You are bridged with infinity."  (OSHO)


                                              so so overflowing,


: ))  by the way, I'm native from Bavaria

Comment by krunal parmar on April 24, 2013 at 6:31am
Here, I have more talked on SHRADDHA vs TRUST. Cause English word-"Belief" doesn't exactly replace the word SHRADDHA. Yet, 80% you can compare or treat as same.

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