The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Her name was Allison. She apprehensively approached my office door and it didn’t take an Intuitive to know that she had never had a consultation of this kind before. I greeted her with a smile and a hug and led her to the couch to chat for a bit. She didn’t make an appointment to connect with anybody on the Other Side or to hear what her future might hold, but instead she needed some Life Coaching. Or at least that is what she had ordered.

Allison, a pretty lady with long light brown strands that she held messily on top of her head with a large purple clip, went on to explain what she wanted out of her life situation. As I always do, no matter the service in which you sign up for, I was checking in with the Other Side to see and hear the truths behind the lines. She told me that she had recently lost her job in the accounting field and that her dream was to open a bakery, but she knew absolutely nothing about business in that sense and although she had been told numerous times what a great baker she was, she didn’t know how to do it large-scale. She needed money. She needed investments and she hadn’t a clue what to do and was going to leave my office and start submitting applications to Target and JcPenney because she was so afraid that her unemployment wasn’t going to see her through to pay the bills, to pay for Christmas and to…..on and on and on. Her stressful situation was scattered energy. You could see it in her face, hear it in her voice and I could see her Guide’s frustration because her fear of the future was helping to create exactly what she didn’t want. She didn’t want to work at Target or JcPenney. She didn’t want to be broke. She didn’t want to be unhappy. But she was heading straight down that path. Now you might be saying, “But Kristy, you sometimes have to do things that you don’t want to and she has to have money!” Yes, that is true, but…..

What happened next was more out of the scene from an episode of “Ghost Whisperer”. A lady that looked much like Allison, only forty years older, came forward from the Other Side to connect. She smiled at me, tears streaming down her face with the love that she felt when she looked at her daughter, but also sadness because Allison couldn’t see or hear her.

“Allison, mom has crossed, right? I have her here and she wants to talk.”

Allison looked at me as if I had just told her aliens had landed and they were going to take her away for a bit. But then the message sunk in and she began to sob. She shook her head for me to continue.

“Please tell her that I have always believed in her, but it is my fault that she even went into accounting to begin with. I wanted something stable and steady for her. She was always in her element when she was in the kitchen. Hair mussed, creating…”

The message was passed along and Allison laughed.

“It’s true. She didn’t want me to ever have to rely on a man for an income. After my father left us with absolutely nothing when I was eight years old, she learned real quick what being independent meant and she taught me that steady and stable wins the race. Now, isn’t that funny that in this economy that isn’t necessarily so?”

Her mom sat down next to her and the breeze of the energy change moved a picture on the wall that was painted with the words “Believe.” Allison quickly turned around at the noise and then looked back at me with explanation.

“She’s sitting next to you and wanted to get your attention.”

“She always used to tell me that she believed in me. I forgot about that. It has been a long time since someone believed in me.”

I smiled, tears forming in my eyes. “Ready to get to work?”

Allison’s energy brightened and she happily nodded. You could feel the fear from just minutes before begin to evaporate as she realized that she had cheerleaders.

I won’t go into details of her business plan, but I will tell you that although she hasn’t (yet) opened her bakery, she is not working at Target or JcPenney, but instead within the field she so longed to be, learning how to run a business. She has an investor interested in her ideas and her accounting background did indeed help her as with part of the business she has to project numbers to proportions for inventory. Mom knew what she was doing, after all.

I rarely treat myself to fun. A sad truth. But I hadn’t been feeling well; exhausted and energy depleted, and decided that not only me, but also the family deserved to have some forced family fun time. And so on Saturday we set off for lunch at Olga’s and then to see the movie “Tangled”. Now, call me silly, but I even cry at cartoons. There is a moment near the middle to end of the movie where Rapunzel is sitting in a boat with Flynn awaiting the release of the lanterns, something that she wanted so badly to see, when fear took hold and she began to worry that she might be disappointed that it wouldn’t live up to her high expectations. She asked what she would do then and how would she cope? Flynn told her that no matter what happened, she would go on to find a new dream.

When we experience fear or frustration, we immediately tense up our body, mind and spirit which hinders the flow of what we do want to come to us and we begin to visualize everything that we DON’T want instead of what we DO. So, if you are experiencing frustration (or fear) with any aspect of your life; career, money, love, etc. Take a few moments a day visualizing how you want that area to look. When you begin to say negative things; “I will never have money to do the things I want”, say ‘stop’ and then repeat what you do want – “I have enough money to do the things that I want.” It takes some training, but before you know it the things you don’t want will begin to stop happening and the things that you do want will start flowing. Now we are always tested (don’t you hate those pop quizzes?!), so be on guard so that you can pass the test. And know, always know, that there are those that believe in you and that with every dream accomplished, or even a dream failed, remember that the most important thing is for you to continually dream the dream. No matter what.



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