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Best Part of My Day ~ Changing Perceptions

School is back in session and I was partially excited and sad because that means another year they are getting older and more peaceful house with just the preschoolers. I woke up this morning dreading another day to take the kids to school and another tough of war with why didn't I just homeschool them this year? But when I came back home to sit down the preschoolers to go over their letters, it hit me that having just these two around allows me to focus on just them and they get the attention they need. Watching the boys do their writing and eager to learn their ABCs I'm glad that I didn't put them into Pre-k because I know they are not ready to be in a social setting. They struggle with it at home with their siblings and each other. With the older kids gone I can focus on what they need. I can only imagine how they would behave in a school setting with new kids they've never meet.


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It's also not so stressful on them to sit in a classroom setting so young and force to learn what the teachers wanted them to learn. I learned this when Lil A was in Kindergarten and she would fiddle with her shoes or wonder away from the classroom if she was bored or not interested in something in class. It only shows that my instinct was right to pull her out of Kindergarten and place her in Pre-K along with her younger brother Big J. Her teacher never made her feel slow or stupid and because she was practically the same height as some of the other kids she didn't feel out of place. This year she was placed in a classroom who showed they were struggling in Kindergarten and she has excelled the testings to go to a faster place class. Since day one (and school JUST started) her teacher has been telling me she is not paying attention in class. Lil A finally confessed yesterday that she was bored and it was the same thing she already knows. Even though through all the craziness of trying to teach the kids and doing after schooling with the older kids I realized that picking them up and having them home afterschool after a long day of working and cleaning the house is actually refreshing. Those few hours we get as a family is what I look forward to at the end of the day. Even though the kids fuss and fight non stop when they are together. The boys are always hassling me about when we going to get the big kids from school. Even at 9:30 am!!!



When the kids are fed, bathe, and in bed sleeping. I give them a good night kiss and I enjoy my peaceful evening maybe with or without a glass of wine ;P and feel accomplished that I gave at least 200% of my effort to get through the day making sure their every need has been taken care of.

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