The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Getting things done:

I have hired an attorney to settle my exes affairs and get the home put back into my name. I am also prosecuting his sister and her husband for claiming I was there signing over my rights to it over to them. I also am prosecuting the notary for not making her show proper ID when she pretended to be me the day of the forgery.

The attorney charges me $60 per phone call and the same for every email. It is worth it in the end because they know what they did is wrong and against the law and to be frank here we bought that place to raise our children together. And now that he is gone it should be my daughter that benefits from the home because she should have been his to begin with. Had his family left us alone and let us be happy there things would have turned out differently for us. So far they are looking at 1. Bearing false witness. 2. Possession of stolen property. 3. Transferring of stolen property. 4. Fraud. And various other things. I could have seen it coming from an enemy or something but not the lady I loved like a sister for over 20 years.


Back into the vortex:

I have moved all of my plants into the greenhouse so I will have more work space outside the house and less clutter

inside that was being taken up by plants and cuttings.


I built a small deck sized arbor overhead outside on the hotter than blazes front porch that gets too much full western sun in the afternoon and evening times. I may top that with some smoke colored or tinted plexi-glass because the sun still bakes everything I put out there. Going out there in full sun will make you almost pass out it gets so hot.

Cha cha cha cha changesssss...

When we moved in here the carpet was ruined and so were the shoddy cabinets and one of the front bedroom's walls from the teenage boys that lived here before us and I have slowly been working on everything to get it back in shape.  Painting didn't help all that much so I am thinking that when my home gets back into my name I will sell it and buy new carpet through out this place and replace all of the shoddy wood cabinets with more modern higher end ones then repair any and all damage that the boys left and then trade this one in on a brand new double wide.

And instead of placing it right here we might move it back a little to the middle of the property where it is then hidden completely from view of passers by. It is closer to the creek and more tranquil and peaceful back there. For now I have the camper and the single wide storage trailer sitting there but will scrap them to make room for the new mobile or modular home.


Making BIG plans!

Yes, I am planning big here! I already have the planning grids and have started working on the measurements for the new bathroom cabinets. This way I will get a better trade value on this mobile home.


I can already see myself living in the new place. What it will look like, with an office for me and a sun room for mom and my daughter to sit in the evenings and watch the birds. And my daughter's bedroom will be the color vibrant pink that she really wants it to be and not a boys room semi transformed into a girl's room.





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