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This week marks the first week of fall here in the South East. Leaves are falling in all of their beautiful splendor. This season is a time for beginning dormancy. The greenhouse season is coming to a slower pace. Fewer seeds to plant. Removing the old tangled vines from the melons and beans. I have a mission fig tree, papaya seeds now sprouting as well as two avocado seed sprouting into lovely little trees. I have several olive trees starting as well. My camera is on the funk but I will upload some magical pics as soon as I can of them. They are darling!

I am totally loving the Fall themes this year. White and blue pumpkins! Isn't this one lovely!


I have been focusing on getting back to my inner bliss. Body, mind, and spiritual happiness. I can't allow Mike's death to slow down my progress when it comes to moving forward with my life. It is a scary step for me but a necessary one. I did spend a couple of weeks in bed mourning him but then it is time for things to get finished in both my business life and in my personal life. I will create a pretty memory book of him to add to my crafting endeavors since I have some pictures of him just laying around in a few different older albums.



For their mistake of the fraudulent quit-claim deed they are wanting to settle out of court with me and I have accepted and all we are waiting on is the property to be surveyed and appraised at the current market value. This will generate enough income for me so that I can put a substantial amount down on us a home of our own.

No more mourning of what could have/ should have been between Mike and I. Moving past my own personal blockages with others and with myself.  My original intention to connect with others on a real level hasn't changed.

I still want this for myself. I have been dancing and keeping myself in a happy, positive light. I can't go back now. I am too close to my dreams to lose sight of them.


Making Positive choices

Actively doing things to make myself and the whole family happy. More crafts with my wonderful daughter.

More fun pursuits. Making nature inspired crafts as well as painting thanks to the Artist's way.

Actively looking for a home of our own. Preferring the mountains or horse country. One that has an area for animal husbandry so that I can get a goat and a cow, medicinals area, and gardening. As well as the potential for a fruit orchard. I have already found a few that I am in vibrational alignment with so when the money comes to me I can call and schedule an appointment to look at them.


Happy Autumn!



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Comment by WLK on September 25, 2011 at 1:56pm
Thank you for sharing this.


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