The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Body told me how it felt! In no uncertain terms!

Last night I was thinking, briefly, HOW do I feel more love for my body
when I HATE my body? (I am working on this though - a LOT!) And
STRAIGHT away, I swear to you I felt my kidney? twinge. It was like my
body was immediately reacting to that and so I was like OK, OK I love
you, alright? And it stopped. Swear to goddess.
But really, I DON'T hate my body, I would prefer to be slimmer and in better condition and
I will be. I wish I had spent more of my life including my childhood
being slimmer but there is just now and the future.
And my body is marvellous, right? So clever, healthy, strong the things bodies can
do - it's AMAZING! So I will be focussing even more on body
appreciation I think!!!
Cos it sounds like my body wouldn't have it any other way!!!

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Comment by Maria on August 3, 2010 at 7:59pm
Ha! Super!! :)

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