The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Boiling Bones and Toilet Stories

Chapter One
Please allow me to introduce myself, dear reader. This is my story and my truth, of which many people are not aware. How does one’s story begin? The story of Sherry. Before birth? In the womb? In the nursery, grade school, high school? How does one define oneself? As a daughter, wife, mother? What happens when it is all stripped away? Is there anyone left to describe?
This particular story begins when everything by which I defined myself was stripped away. Looking back, I see that my life began to slowly unravel before my eyes. At the time, I didn’t recognize it because I was trying to survive. Let me be clear at the start, that I claim full responsibility for every event in my life. I have come to understand that God allows me to co-create my life with Him. I was not always aware that I was creating, but I was. Since I came to that conclusion, I have made it my intention to create consciously and lovingly. To rewrite my past, (yes, it IS possible, we CAN change our past) present, and begin to create a beautiful future for the greater good and myself.
The reason I am writing this, dear reader, you see, is because every with word I write , and every word you read, I am being healed. It is absolutely necessary for me to speak my truth, and as I do, create freedom, healing, inspiration and usher in an era of peace. Because, I believe that we need peace heart-by-heart and mind-by-mind. It spreads outward from there. And I want peace, true and lasting peace, and justice in the world. So, I am also writing this to heal the world. Every person who reads, every soul who listens and aspires to recreate their lives, those who choose to take “response ability” for what comes to them, I believe creates a ripple of peace, compassion and acceptance. These words have settled in my bones, in my joints in my belly.

Something very strange, wonderful and terrible began happening to me about 9 years ago. Well, I have always had interesting experiences, but they greatly accelerated. The interesting thing is that as I was getting sick from chemo, and soaking in my tub, I began having mystical experiences. On the level of human form, I am from Christian-Judeo descent. I am a practicing Roman Catholic, and I mention this to give you a frame of reference as to my beliefs, although many people have different versions of the same religion. So let me just say that I have always believed in God, Higher Power, Jesus, Universe, however you want to call that Creative Force from which everything emanates. I also must say, that my experience with the Catholic religion has been positively instrumental in my spirituality. So, I think you will understand when I say I was disturbed when an Indian Guru in a turban began appearing to me as I lay at the base of the toilet or in the tub. Or as I lay meditating because I was too weak to sit. I deeply love Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II, and Thomas Merton. I have read many of Pema Chodron’s books, and have been influenced by the detachment ideas of the Buddhists. It comes in very handy when everything to which you have tried to hold on to is ripped from your grasp. Detachment comes in nice and handy at those times! Those times when you seem to have lost your true north.

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Comment by Robin Amy Bass on February 23, 2009 at 10:22pm
I saw that phrase "True North" the other night. Maybe while watching the Oscars...

I can identify with strange visions. My traditional conservative Jewish upbringing, certainly did not hint at Esther/ Abraham Hicks and The Laws of The Universe! That's for sure!

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