The 100 Day Reality Challenge

*sigh* Dear 2011,

Buh-bye *waves*
This year has been a roller coaster year, I'm actually quite grateful that 2011 is over. These last few weeks haven't been my best! Altho for the most part I've had a good year, manifested a lot of (big) wanted things.

BUT, I powerfully intend on having THE best 2012, filled with lots of fun (wanted) manifestations, happiness, love, fun, feeling good from the start right to the end.

I look forward to all the great things I align with and manifest in 2012.

I'm not currently in my usual environment so I'll be bringing in the new year a lot different to what I'm use too. I want to have a great new year of feeling good & going with the flow.

I am totally grateful for all that 2011 has taught me and brought to my life. Everything I experience, I try my hardest to bring it back to all that I have learned about how I FEEL towards different subjects and doing my best to work out the negative feelings.

I am also very grateful for the best family ever. Especially my Mum, Nan & brother. They have added tremendously to my life! Thank you!

Please be a better year filled with greatness 2012! - I have high expectations. I NEEEEEED for 2012 to be a great year in the areas of love, happiness, accomplishments, fun, money & feeling good.

I get the feeling 2012 is going to be a powerful year, in my ways than one. I'm looking to the great bits! :o)

Thank you to everyone here on CCOR for all your support.

I wish everybody, everywhere a Happy New Year & all the best for 2012.

Hellooooo 2012 :o) xXx

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