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Dear 2010,


You have been an AWSOME year for me, I have learned, found, been involved in lots of positive things!


2010 has been the year I have learned to let go quicker of things that would usually bother me. I've been happy for the most part of the year, and the times that I may have been abit off I dont really remember, plus I dont want to put more focus on those times/events/things.


This is the year when my brother started to take more of an interest in all things LOA and ever since we encouraged each other and that boosted me to have a new level of confidence in myself, all that I do and what I am REALLY capable to achieve.


I manifested ALOT, more or less everything I really desired. Besides one majoy thing... YOU :o/ but its ok, I know I'm suppost to get EVERYTHING I desire, so I'll just be patient. And I'm STILL a woking in progress working on myself from the inside.


2010 I've read alot, listened to alot of audio's and taken part in a few practises which I am grateful for bcoz I continue to grow and adds to my path of greatness. I've been become more serious about my business venture that I KNOW will be an absolute success starting 2011. :o)


I am grateful for EVERY SINGLE moment 2010 has brought me!!! I believe theres power in 1's & 2011 is going to be the year that I create pure greatnesss and live the life I want to live filled with lots & lots of fun, great health positivity, love and happiness... Oh and money, lots of it. LOL I am confident in saying this will happen bcoz I FEEL it within myself.


So thank you 2010 for adding to my wonderful life, I enjoyed it. Bring on 2011 Woooohoooo


I wish everyone here on CCOR the best year EVER!!!

Thank you that I'm able to see 2010 to the end.


Kay. xxxx *BIG smile*


Right now in this very moment, I feel good & relaxed and ready to go on and enjoy every second of life bcoz I know that I can be, do or have ANYTHING in my life. And for this I am forever greatful.

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Comment by Jill on December 31, 2010 at 9:33pm

Hey Kate, WOW...what a great read. BIG smile back at ya.

Hugs and Best Wishes for the New Year, Jilly


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