The 100 Day Reality Challenge

When you are able to control the movements of your attention in the subjective world, you can modify or alter your life as you please. But this control cannot be achieved if you allow your attention to be attracted constantly from without.


Each day, set yourself the task of deliberately withdrawing your attention from the objective world and of focusing it subjectively.


In other words, concentrate on those thoughts or moods which you deliberately determine. Then those things that now restrict you will fade and drop away.


The day you achieve control of the movements of your attention in the subjective world, you are master of your fate.


You will no longer accept the dominance of outside conditions or circumstances.


You will not accept life on the basis of the world without.


Having achieved control of the movements of your attention, and having discovered the mystery hid from the ages, that Christ in you is your imagination, you will assert the supremacy of imagination and put all things in subjection to it.



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Comment by David on May 1, 2011 at 6:57am

I know how hard it is to stop looking at the "world" of conditions and focus on the within and "see" our life that we desire as an already prsent fact when we have to pay bills and put food on the table.


But that is exactly what we must do if we are to succeed in mainfesting the life we desire. I just keep reminding myself the world is nothing but a mirror of what I believe. Therefore if I am broke or living in lack I must have lived a good portion of my life THINKING that way..... now I have to reverse that and think from abunadnace.


This is the hard part..... for me anyway. To keep seeing myself as wealthy when my "mirror"keeps reflecting poverty. I just tell myself my "mirror" is lying and NOT my mind. My mind knows better and WILL WIN OUT as long as I am persistant.


Beliefs do not take hold right after we think them..... but that is no reason to stop thinking them. It is neccesary to understand that somewhere within us is a belief that is BLOCKING US from achieving and manifesting our desires. We just have to keep sticking with it.


I already see you in your salon....YOUR salon, with people working for you, plenty of money coming in and your dream came true. This isn't something I see is GOING to happen for you.... I can actually see you telling people how great it feels to have finally be LIVING your dream and you are no longer on the outside looking in. That is what my faith is... to know that what we desire has already happened and now were just waiting for all the pieces to fall into place so we can realize it outwardly.

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