The 100 Day Reality Challenge

This season brings an entirely new spectrum of adventures for me and my family.

1. My daughter enters 12th grade. So she is doing a lot of things in school for the last time.

2. People are going to come to stay with us for a short period of time. Trying to remain hopeful in spite of them coming in an RV as it is about to turn fall and not sure how they will handle the winter here?

3. Finding it now harder to take care of a homestead by myself. Had to sell some livestock because it got to be too much to do alone. Having chickens was very fun but at 4AM I would rather have sleep than a crowing rooster, and at 7Am I would rather have a smoothie, coffee, or tea than feeding chickens in my PJ's.

4. The rental 'storage unit' my partner and I shared for years was met at, things from our marriage gone through, deciding what each of us would keep, and each of us would toss, and together we burned the rest. It was an emotional and humbling experience. We are both moving on and neither of us wanted any of the old reminders from our old life together. My entire living space is filled to the roof with boxes in every room, hallway and even my master bathroom tub is filled with boxes to the roof as I just needed the extra room for the stray boxes.

5. Trying to figure out where my daughter and I will go next. This place has been amazing and beautiful for more than 13 years but it is wild and untamed and needed constant TLC. Downed branches that needed cut with chainsaws (which I don't have.) mowing every week with a riding lawnmower that breaks down every week. More snakes than I can chase off in good conscious with a shovel or hoe enough for a lifetime of nightmares. You name it. I am done.

6. Trying to heal the soul contract and karma with the man I once loved more than anything in this world. He has been in a horrible marriage for years and still going through the motions of wanting to stay with her longer than he should have. They have been trying to fix their marriage for almost twenty years now. I still love him and hate seeing him suffer. Even though I can't step in to help him because he has to walk his path alone and learn his own lessons.

I have been alone for a very long time. Once you are a single lady you get used to doing things alone. Trying to fit back into that gap of being between single and dating once again, but also trying to find the time to date at least once in a while, to be able to still see what's going on in the world outside of my living space. How many of you single ladies can relate to this?

What's everyone been up to lately?

Leave a comment and catch me up!

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