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CCOR- Season 7 Update- Energy Vampires

Dear Diary,

I feel like a huge weight has been removed from my shoulders. well, actually it has!

I went to the doctor this week and I have managed to lose Twelve pounds. I am really excited about it. It took only a couple of months using Leslie Sansone's Walk Away The Pounds Series. I am already seeing the health benefits for sticking to this program of walking 30 minutes per day every other day.

The Doctor had of course dragged his feet long enough so I went to him and said I need more testing to find out why I am getting down in my hips so he did another MRI. I wanted a thermography to see where the inflammation is coming from so I am not pleased with him and am considering finding a new Doctor that can find what is actually wrong with me. I feel like I am still getting nowhere. My landlord was diagnosed with the same thing I have as well as another lady that reads these blogs and she has already been in to surgery. I feel it is time to take the bull by the horns.

My small bowel isn't going to fix itself and my two hernias are not going away by themselves so yea, it is time to find a new doctor that can refer me to a surgeon as soon as possible.

The good news is Season 7 is bringing New Health Options right to me.
I bought the new Suzanne Somers Health Breakthrough book and found so many helpful vitamins and minerals that I have been on for roughly a week now and I am already feeling better.

They are:

Supergreen Complex
Vitamin C
Pomegranate Extract and Juice
Alo Brand Aloe Vera Juice

Plus a few more.

And the most amazing thing is I didn't know that half of what my daughter was eating (even though I checked the brands and they didn't seem to have anything out of the ordinary) was a large amount of MSG worded carefully through things like "Natural flavor" Etc... so this has forced me to take a list with me to the organic grocery store and better read the labels under things that I thought originally were good for her. And and for us as a family because I want her to have all of the health choices that I didn't have growing up. When I was young my mother was one of those flighty never staying at home types that had to be in the workplace that just stuffed a bottle in my mouth whenever I cried and then never gave me much whole milk after that, so now my bones are crumbling apart at the seams.

I want my daughter to have good healthy choices when it comes to her nutrition.
I am also going to get mom and I a Chi machine since next month. I can't do a lot of walking, as well as a compression belt to help my back a little bit when I go to the store and sit for long periods in the car.

Supplementation and extra periods of rest daily are really helping me. as well as reading Dr. Sha's Soul Healing series. I was a little skeptical at first because I didn't understand them but once I bought the book and received the Soul Healing downloads and meditations I felt the energy from them and the unknown origin of pain in my left side hasn't hurt since. So I am focusing on working with another Reiki Healer, receiving Deeksha Blessings of Oneness weekly and practicing the Soul Healing Meditations and I feel amazing! Some of my energy is coming back and my skin is looking better from my little Humio Healing colors lamp Humidifier. My allergies are no longer bothering me either. My eyes, face nad throat feel a hundred times better.

So I am on the way back to being well. All I need to do now is have my vital surgeries and grow my bones back and finish healing myself. I realize that this could take some time.

I spoke with my ex Mike today. He is so closed minded, I am so grateful to the Universe that I left him because he is so toxic. Called everyone on Facebook stupid and juvenile saying people shouldn't keep connected with one another and that I am stuck in the past too if I am on there. *laughter*

He doesn't understand social networks are just that. For people to network and be social.
I haven't seen the people I went to school with in 25 years. So I am going to stay connected to them now that I have found them again. I could feel my energy starting to drain so I hurried up and got off of the phone before he did a number on my energy level.

Now that I know that I have to watch out for psychic energy vampires while I am healing, I can spot them a mile away.

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