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My last post was venting. Today I am writing in the positive manifesting the LOA way.

I have the home of my dreams completely paid for! I am having a great time decorating it, so much to choose from. In the yard the pool is completed and the girls' swing set looks great, the garden is coming along too I can't wait till all the flowers are in bloom.

My dolls are selling fast! 3 dolls per week and paid in full immediately. My weight loss business is blooming, the product is great and it works! I got more than 300 customers. This success allows me to be home when the girls get home from school. They love that!

Money is abundant and we are able to travel any where in the world. We have financial freedom.

I am volunteering every chance I get and it brings me great joy. I love how a few hours of volunteering helps so many people and makes my heart light.

The girls are doing great! Alexandra's speech is better every day. Her vocabulary is growing and improving every day. Yasmin's grades are awesome and her math has improved significantly. Kayla continues to do great too, she has reached her goal of being #1 in her class.

The guy in my life has found a great job in Atlanta with an awesome pay and they are even paying for him to go to helicopter pilot school. I have never seen him so happy! This will assure him a job doing what his ultimate goal is: to fix and fly helicopters. He has stopped smoking and is very healthy now.

Our relationship continues to grow and get stronger, we are very much in love.

Our health is great! We are a happy family, united and in love.

I continue on my path to grow spiritually. I have recently become a spiritual counselor. This is where my biggest passion lies. I love listening to people and helping them find their way to a better self and life.

Life can not get any better. We are super grateful!!

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Comment by Dalia on January 31, 2009 at 7:02pm
Thank you!

Comment by Tamara Rasheed on January 31, 2009 at 6:58pm
That sounds so amazing, what a wonderful vision to come to life. It gave me goosebumps. I will write something like this too!

Much Love,

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