The 100 Day Reality Challenge

OMG!!! It was so so so GREAT to catch up with some of you Chicago CCOR's who i met last year and then to meet some newies as well!!! There is nothing so great as meeting up with like minded people. We all got along so well and to be honest i really felt like we had already met because of our videos etc. I have just added all our pics of the night!!! Thanks so much for all making the effort!!!

Thanks especially to gorgeous Carol who not only came and had drinks with me on my first night when another arrangement fell through, but who also drove me to the airport when i left very early in the morning-she is an AMAZING,KIND,THOUGHTFUL,LOVELY woman who i am proud to call a friend. I hope you have checked her out and her fab efforts with her Free Hugs days in Chicago....and around the USA!!!

So big kisses to everyone and know that i am so so so fond of you all-really and truly...lots of love Megan (Jewelchic) xxx

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