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Christmas Is A Spirit Of Giving That Should Last Us All Year

Christmas Is A Spirit Of Giving That Should Last Us All Year

I know to many of us, especially in the US, it seems like this is the year that the "Grinch Stole Christmas."
People are poorer, losing their jobs, houses, inflation is rising, everything seems to cost more, there is a
stranglehold on credit, and generally people feel as if they have been robbed by a very, real Grinch.

While this all may be true, and maybe the new blood in the White House may seem to be like the Grinch
bringing back all the toys and presents to Whoville, we have to remember to give to our fellow man.
Each of us can look to our left and find someone less fortunate than us that needs our help, no matter
how small or how trivial it may seem. A smile, a gesture of good will, encouragement, understanding,
tolerance, forgiveness, food, shelter, clothing, love.

In these hard economic times, we must dig our heels in and be grateful. Be grateful for what we have.
Celebrate the good fortune that we have had throughout our lives. Gratitude brings joy, hope, love, and forgiveness.
Whether it's a friend, family member, stranger, or foe.... Forgive. Love. Share what you have to share.

Be joyous, smile, think happy thoughts, and bring hope at Christmas time and throughout the entire new year.

If I can do it (forgive President Bush), anybody can. I'm working on it. I know it's good for my soul.

Peace on Earth.

Good will toward men.

Or as I like to say.... "Peas on Earth, Gouda Wheel Towards Men."

Peace (In our hearts, and in our world, at Christmas)


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Comment by Clarissa Kelly on December 26, 2008 at 5:55pm
Love the "Peas on Earth, Gouda Wheel Towards Men!"

This time of change is a good time to reflect on what is important. Reckless, endless consumerism has made us all a bit nearsighted, not seeing beyond our own greed or need. We ALL have something to share, you are so right.

I know someone on a fixed income, he bought second-hand gifts for his children and grandson. He gave $2.00 (just about all he had in his wallet) to a homeless woman he met at a bus stop. She was trying to get enough money together to find a cheap hotel room for Christmas. A few dollars more and she made her goal and went off cheering down the street.

I know someone else who has her own house, her health, and plenty of creature comforts, yet found everything wrong with the Christmas season, the weather, and her own family was a source for her to complain about.

Such a contrast, yet both of these people I've mentioned are in my family. It is a great lesson for me, I know who I would rather be like.

Even if we don't have money to give, we all have a talent to share, a ear to listen to someone in need, or even just a smile.

Peace to you!
Clarissa K.

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