The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Oh, dear, I've missed a long long time on this. I think my problem is that I closed the page on my browser and forgot to reopen it!

I've been doing my meditations, journalling I've not been to slack. I seem to have come to a point of peace at the moment. I was asking about my relationship (or lack of) and why I've been through what I have with someone I want to be with, and finally I got my answers. They came to me through one teacher I found on here, and through a book I've been given. 

I know that I'm in the surrender stage now and what will be, will be. This has brought me an inner peace. I've started to write poetry again, but in a completely different way. It used to always be about heartbreak, but I've turned to positive stuff now. 

I'm pondering my intentions for 2013. It is going to be the best year of my life!! I will be in love!! I aim to buy a new journal where I will list my new intentions in the front...

Happy Xmas everyone and here's to an amazing year!! :)

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