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I have a bit of dilemma. On Wednesday, I wrote down all of the attributes I would like my ideal job to have and what kind of companies I'd like to attract. On Thursday, I got invited to yet another interview, which is neat, but - the job seems to be everything I don't want. I'd only work with a few balding men and I would be producing marketing materials about... decontamination technology. I don't even know what that is! :D I could learn enough about it, as I already had a similar role for a company that made public address systems, but the point is that I hated that job. And it wasn't even full time.


I was thinking there's no harm in going to the interview anyway, but the issue is that it mildly clashes with another interview I already have arranged. Essentially, it would be possible for me to make it to both of the interviews as they're two hours apart, but it would be very rushed and I feel like I wouldn't be able to prepare fully for either, dashing straight to the other one right after this one...


The other interview is for something that I see much more potential in, it would definitely be more enjoyable and it's overall more important to me. And it's the one I'd be dashing to in case I attend the... decontamination interview (LOL). I obviously can't change the date of an interview I and already agreed to, so I asked if the company that contacted me yesterday was available for any other day, but apparently this is not a possibility.


A part of me is thinking that saying no to an interview when I'm unemployed is crazy, but would it be worth it to try to attend both and not give my best at either? Especially if I have a feeling that I would hate hate hate one of the jobs? (Mind you, if I knew what the company does I would have never applied; it's a graduate scheme run by one of the universities in the area and you essentially apply to the ad based on the role specifications, not knowing what company posted the ad).


I suppose you can tell I have already decided what to do, but I am not entirely certain about the decision, as it "seems" ungrateful. Any advice?

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Comment by Raizel on January 25, 2013 at 6:42pm
Thank you for your insightful advice Kallisti, you're absolutely right! How would the universe know what I want to attract if I respond to the things that I want and things that I don't want in the same manner anyway? I wouldn't even want the job that doesn't correspond with my desires at all, so I should rather make room for more opportunities by saying no.
Comment by kallisti on January 25, 2013 at 4:08pm

Dear Raizel......I don't think you should feel ungrateful.....The universe gave you choose and pick and OF COURSE you go to the ones that resonate with you. Don't waste time with things you don't feel in alignment. This is important for your inner happiness and fulfillment as well as not trying to be everything for everyone but true to your self!!! Good luck , ...I am sure you will trust your inner voice in your life in ANY decision you make. xxx   

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