The 100 Day Reality Challenge

     This is it. Pull out a rag & with my slate, I wipe it clean. The past is done & I'm growing another year older, with little to show for it. Until today....

Life is going by & I've acted like I was a car broken down on the side of road. Such a coward! 

I've got the blinker on & now merging back onto the road! I'm not, a moment longer, a slave to my past. And thank You God always for this!

I'm writing! This makes me happy, gives me comfort when it's raining down on me & eases any anger that flares up inside me.

Such rich characters I have inside me- that want their voices heard- their stories told. I will declare that I will write them.

And give all thanks to God for it- because He gave me the gift of words- a poet at heart. 

Let's get this season 1 going!

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