The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Clutter Project Day 2
Financial clutter blocks our income and increases our outgo. But lucky for us, there are simple steps  you can take that will aid you in beginning a more “clean and clear” relationship with your finances.

Clean out your purse and wallet!

The place your money spends most of it’s time - your purse and wallet should be clutter-free and inviting, and that at all times. Today you will be cleaning out your purse, bag, or which ever place you carry your wallet in most of the time AND your wallet itself.
If your wallet is cluttered with receipts - file them. Organize your credit cards, membership cards, and whatever other cards you keep in there. Get rid of everything you do not need, or have not used in 6 months - chances are that you are not going to need them in the future either. If you are apprehensive about throwing them out, follow the one week rule: Keep the item in the wallet for one more week, if you have not used it by then, toss it. If your wallet is torn and not at it’s best, get a new one. This is your financial home after all! Treat it so money feels welcome there!Also, fold the cash you have neatly, bills facing the same way. Treating your money with respect, sends a sign to the Universe that you treasure what you have, and are therefore open to more.
Go through your purse/bag and clear it of anything you do not need on a regular basis - you can use the same rules that you used for your wallet - toss it after a week if you are not sure!
Affirmations for today:I am grateful for the abundance in my life.I am open to receive more from all channels.
Blessed Be!

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