The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hi my name is Jennyann, and I haven't been back on this site since 2012, and browsing through my old content made me realize that most of my intentions have come true. Today I'm coming back to retrain my mind for manifesting. I haven't practiced it in a while. I left my day job of 12 years as a Teaching Artist and Acticvity Specialist in After School Programs and Non Profits in June of this year, to finally pursue my path in the arts. I'd earned my degree in Illustration, but wasn't living or doing the thing I wanted to do most. I was one of the educators teaching but not doing. In the last year of teaching a art lesson, one of my students said wow, your good, why are you here. She said I should be making art, and that kind of got me. Amongst other situations that started to disturb my comfort in the position I was in. I feel that sometimes, if we don't make the right moves, that God will shake up your comfort zone, so we can turn the page and move on to our next chapter. That's what happened to me.

So now I'm in entreprenurial phase, a new chapter, and moving forward on this journey. Manifesting was a tool I'd used in the past, and I feel that it's time to whip it again to manifest some new intentions in my new life! 

I'm excited to spend the next 100 days doing just that. 

Till next time. 


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Comment by Shema Satya on November 18, 2015 at 10:34am

Welcome back!  I'm pretty new here.  Life has given me a big shake up too.  I relate!

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