The 100 Day Reality Challenge

man this season has been awesome!! it fekt shorter than the others in some ways and i think that can be due in part to one of my manifestations to be more social and get out in the world and play and be creative..and thats what i have been doing..i have met so many awesome people just like i wanted to, i know more and more who i am and what i want, i have learned new things and expanded and grown in so many ways!! i have new talents now..and i am leaner and more active than when i started, mannnnnnnnnn its all been so awesome..i am working in mainfesting more time to go with the flow and touch on things that sometimes i feel " i dont have time for" so that will be for next has been such a pleaure to work with everyone on this site. not done yet..but just a few days away!! keep the vibe strong for my home stretch


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Comment by Shaman Kanowa on March 12, 2012 at 9:23am

So glad you got to get out there and be more social, you sound like a fun person and these people are privileged to join you in life! I hope to be more social myself.

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