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Life feels like it's moving 5000 light years fast these days! Deadlines at work keep moving me from one day to the next. And today I worked for 9 hours!


I think after I'm done writing this I'll be taking a little nap! But anyways, Life is still really good. I feel as though I'm connecting with the universe in higher more profound ways. Which is something I'm always working on manifesting. Now I know for me at first connecting on such a higher level was a huge energy drain. My whole energy had to shift and move. these last few weeks have hit me some days like a ton of bricks but then some days I don't know where I get all of my energy from I just end up going almost for 24 straight just high off the universe!


But I won't lie the bad days aren't that bad at all and the good days are down right amazing!

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Comment by Lori on December 20, 2010 at 1:28pm

I'm glad things seem to be going well for you right now!  It's been forever since I've been online and so it's nice to check in and see what everyone is up to.

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