The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Content with my life right now. - Thats right I'm doing ME. :o)

I just had to document this.

Today has been a great day, mainly bcoz I got to see him & hang for a while. We laughed & smiled & I took him in for the time I was with him. Just as I had intended for the day. :o) xxx

(One of the things we joked about is on tv right now - *BIG SMILE* - I enjoy syncronized events. Thank you)

But while my journey home on the bus, the realization just hit me right there, that I am soooo content with where my life is going right now. & I'm happy about it! I just felt reaaaaaally emotional. Tears of JOY were running down my face and the feeling of alignment. I know people where looking at me. But I didnt care, I was just thinking in my head... If only you knew what I know & still learning. :o)

At that very moment I had to share the information with someone, so I hit up my bestie on Blackberry Messenger just to tell someone.

I love this new found life I'm living really I do... I looove the change in myself, I know that things will only get better & better & better.

*Happy sigh* :o)

I am so greatful for everything in my life right now!!!

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyouuuuuuu!!!!

I feel sooo good, I dont think I've felt this good since I was a child.

Flowing downstreaaaaaam is the waaaay for MEEEE!!! :o) xxx

I'll be starting my Season 5 on Monday (19th). Looking forward to it.

I hope everyone is blessed & having great experiences on their journeys!!!

Thank you You!

Kay :o) xxxxx

AFFIRMATION FOR TODAY (Actually a quote from a song): "What am I doing? Oh yeah that right I'm doing MEEEEE, I'm living life right NOW & this what I'ma do til' its over. And its far from over."

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Comment by Nadjah on April 13, 2010 at 9:11am
What a great post Kay!! I am feeling your happiness!! Life is so good and once we realize it it cannot help but get better!! Have a great day!


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