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The last few days for the life of me nothing taste good, i normally eat a lot of raw foods but school is nearing the end of the term and finals will be upon us soon. So, my usual foods have been taking the back seat. I didn't realize till just now just how much. I am constantly walking in and out of the kitchen looking for something but i don't quite know what it is that i wanted, and proceed to eat things that i really didn't want. With homework inbetween these little visits to the kitchen, i just cannot seem to find that one thing that i want. I have cupboards filled with food and a freezer full, but nothing suits my fancy, and i am low on produce and don't go shopping until the 3rd of the Month. '

I just finished drinking the best glass of juice ever, and started to realize that it actually quenched my thirst and taste buds. I think that i realized that i am dehydrated, and that is why these stupid cravings for what i don't know keep coming up. I miss my fruit and veggie shake which i was doing when there wasn't a time issue. I miss my Lara bars, and i miss eating raw. So i said it. I realize that i am not crazy about cooked foods because i have actually been cooking lately and have had more and more cravings for something that i can't put my finger on. I am actually missing raw foods. Eureeka! I love eating raw and i am going back to it. Also, going to force myself to start drinking water every hour.

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Comment by Marina Kennedy on April 28, 2010 at 10:39am
Thank you Kelly, i am thinking of joining the Raw Foods Group, i know it would help i hope they have recipes there, Thanks Createfate for the boost, and Racheal, thank you for that info i will check out that video. Thanks so much everyone. Love, Marina
Comment by kelly on April 28, 2010 at 3:57am
Good to snack on Raw Foods, and drink Fluids. this is Great Awareness.. Have you joied Kate Somers Raw Foods Group Very Awsome??

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