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Creating better brain pathways to a happier life

Hi Everyone! Working on some internal thinking issues and trying to get out of this family drama of lawyers, courts and people trying to hurt others. I realized these family issues were affecting all other areas of my life and my happiness. I was reaching the bottom and was having a difficult time getting unstuck. I used to get tons of Tony Robbins tapes and on one of them was to start changing the brain pathways that have been so ingrained that a slight trigger starts the brain pathways down the same downward spiral. Anyways one of Tony's suggestion was creating a 3 ring circus and having the issue played out in a carnival style with circus music and make it as comical as possible. Well I did it and I finally got to laugh about the situation and start releasing so now when I think about that particular issue, it no longer takes me down a rat hole and I get to stand back and ask 'what am I to learn from this situation?'

I've also started reading Happy for No Reason by Marci Shimoff, which is so excellent. One part of the book is on paying attention to your thoughts and catch yourself whenever you:
1) blame someone
2) complain
3) make an excuse
4) have self-pity
5) beat myself up

I've also asked my husband to catch me in any of the above situations to help me start increasing my happiness set point! I already feel so much lighter and happier. I highly recommend her book if you need to increase your self confidence, your self worth, learn how to let your happiness shine brightly!

Love, light and happiness!

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