The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hello sweet co-creators!


Everything is going very fast!

How I love this community!


I had an amazing meeting via skype this morning with an amazing co-creator... And we co-created a lot!!! Thanks Anna Caroline!!!


So... You know I'm in hollidays. But I'm going to back work on monday...
And... I'm full of fears!!!

But I know it's not a problem. i wrote a lot in my journal, and i'm going to re-write that here.



1° I'm anxious because of one of my director. 

In one of the school of music where I work, I'm obliged to play in the wind orchestra. But i'm not paid as a musician for that, but as a teacher. So, instead of be paying 70€ for 1 rehearsal/concert, i'm paid 15€ per week... (I've 1 rehearsal per week, sometimes 2, and 2/4 concerts per year). 

I told my director that I coulnd't participate to this orchestra, because of lack of time, and need to have one evening for me (i work in 4 schools of music, and so have 4 wind orchestra, so 4 rehearsals/week...)

When i told him, he agreed. But few days after that, he was very angry, and yelled at me!! I wanted i play in his orchestra. 
But NO!! It is n ot possible, i can't and I don't want!!


I'm going to see him on monday... And i'm really really nervous and anxious, you know like a young girl who's frightened to be arguing by his father.


Ok. I'm frightened.

So... What can i do?


I'm Going to :


  • Make positives affirmations
  • Write a Declaration
  • Make powerfull vizualisation, seeing me and my  boss in really good relationship
  • Share love with him
  • Make Ho'oponopono
  • Meditate, to have and keep serenity, anchorage, centering 
  • Stay on my position
  • Accept and be sure that he can't make be bad things


If I do that, i'll be really powerful!!!!



2° I'm anxious because of the teachers' concert in one of my school of music


I'm afraid because my score is quite difficult, and i'm going to play with my directrice! 

And i'm afraid because I didn't sent the scores enough soon to all of the musicians. 



So, I'm going to : 


  • Send all the scores
  • Practice my flute and work very well and very slowly my own score
  • Make visualization about the concert
  • Make positives affirmations



3° I'm anxious because of the performances of my nursery school pupils


Children are between 2 and 5 years old... They know all the songs, but  not the staging...  And schoolteachers don't believe in the children's capacity


So, i'l going to : 


  • Take my notes about the staging, and learn it
  • Prepare really precisely my next interventions in this school
  • Be really clear about the staging and the songs
  • Visualize the performance, and the end standing ovation of all of the parents in the hall!!
  • Make positives affirmations



In fact, writing that is a really good exercise!! Now, I can see that I haven't to be frightened, because I'm seeing that everything is going well!!!


And i will add some practices during the next 2 days: 


  • Watching many time my videos visions
  • Make the meditation that a Reiki Master taught me
  • Write more and more in my gratitude book
  • Having all the time a smile on my face
  • lots of positives affirmations
  • Write and read on a video my own declaration



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