The 100 Day Reality Challenge

D24, S2--reduce number of intentions?

I'm feeling very overwhelmed by school recently and I'm considering re-prioritizing or cutting out some of my original list of 10 intentions.

Here are my thoughts:

- grades/school are still #1
- taking myself is very important overall b/c if I can't do that then I can't function properly/effectively
- bonding with hubby & family is important
- ots package is due by July 17 & I think I should align those priories with my school schedule & make them 2nd to that
- gre & grad school application are important, however will have tentative acceptance & can take initial/pre-req courses
- would like to start small projects on house over summer, but no major projects until w/in budget or orders in hand
- need to get house ready for guests (to include junk room) by 1 May for graduation (9 May ceremony)--hubby will help
- physical fitness & overall self confidence is key, would like to achieve higher level of fitness by end of July and self-confidence/self-awareness/public speaking skills are a continuous process and I need to make a way to find time in schedule for Toastmasters, yoga & workout time

So, I guess that summarizes my realignment of goals. I'm doing okay so far, but need to focus on ots, house, gre & fitness. There is a GRE exam prep course I can take over the summer, but it costs $1, weighing that decision still!

I want to limit myself to only taking on what I am able to, however I still want to challenge myself to achieve my goals. I think the key is one day and one step at a time, I do need to set exact dates and plans of action for these though--next time.

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Comment by Heather Dillon on December 2, 2009 at 4:04pm
Hello... I just created a group called "Positive People in Virginia" and I was hoping that you would like to join! I am hoping to bring everyone together in Virginia so that we can help eachother along our journey's

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