The 100 Day Reality Challenge

d25 s1-1 quarter of the way through and i got my twlight zone moment

I can`t believe it been 25 days already
well i just had (as jack cranfield described it)a twilight zone moment as you remember for my last post i had had used the creative process through music. Today when i checked my email i got a surprise a message from a dating site i forgot i signed up for.someone interested and sent me a message so i replied back it reminded me of what happened with jack cranfield as i wasn`t expecting a response that fast. proof if anything that it does work. i will see how things go for now.
i had also asked for more gigs and i suddenly found out last night i had a gig on Tuesday I`ve asked for a way to release my own album and i computer but i didn`t forget to thank the universe for what it gave me.
so for anyone who is unsure ,new and is just reading the blogs things good can happen
thank you for the comment so far feel free to add more feedback or advice thank you
Blessed be

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Comment by Kay on October 5, 2009 at 10:37pm
Merry Meet Jamie :)

Are we gonna get the chance to hear your song? xxx

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