The 100 Day Reality Challenge

D28S7 I have climbed the corporate ladder, I assembled it myself.

today is the 28th day of my seventh season I cannot believe the days have passed by so fast. I am almost 6 months pregnant. My baby is kicking very strong when it is awake. I have been dealing with fatigue off and on the last week. Last week I won the court case with my apartment.I don't pay anything, i move out on my terms which will be the first week of May

I picked up a client who is a reality TV celebrity. A lot of drama! I had and working with her looking interviews and actually she is a sweetheart, but the public attacks her.hence why I stepped in the picture. However I found today they were working with another publicist.I was not paid for this position so, as far as I'm concerned I have been gaining practice and reconnecting or building new contacts. After being out of practice my first two trimesters, I felt a little rusty. So I am NOT ultimately upset. Practice keeps me in I'm not sure if I want to continue helping her out while they are playing the fence.

my relationship with the boyfriend is OK, we're hanging in there. Still learning each other. Still working together.

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