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d30. the missing secret to the secret

So tonight I stopped by my favorite metaphysical bookstore - the now Oprah-famousized Bodhi Tree in West L.A. and one of the great things about it is you can just kind of loiter and read books to no avail. Being a book-a-holic, there's never any shortage of books to intrigue me or inspire me to purchase them but lately I've been feeling rather anti-consumer. It's not even because of potential financial difficulties in my family but I read some random article about a man who has effectively recycled every bit of trash his family has used for a year. It really got me thinking about how wasteful we are. So I've started bringing my own cup to coffee shops, trying to use my own bags more and taking home - and actually eating - all my leftovers.

Re. book buying, my bookshelf is just chock full of books I need to read and re. cookbooks, I got plenty or can google whatever I need so... I'm on a book buying hiatus for awhile. I think my rule is once I read 20 of the books I haven't read on my bookshelf, then I can buy a new one.

So - back to the secret - I stumbled upon Carnelian Sage's little book The Greatest Manifestation Principle Of All and I do believe that unlike other books that claim to have the secret behind the secret etc. this book nails it. However, the book is super small and easy to digest so I would say just read everything on this site: here (which pretty much sums up the whole book in one blog) or read the book at a book store as I did. Save some waste! Or buy it used off Amazon. Whatever.

Basically, what she points out is two main keys to the Secret in order to make it effective: one is: the necessity to plug into a power greater than yourself and b.) for all your desires to be motivated by love.

I wasn't surprised that she used A.A. and 12 step programs as an example of the effectiveness of this. There all kinds of 12 step programs out in the world today (al anon - for friends and relatives of alcoholics, debtors anonymous (DA), overeaters anonymous (OA), sex and love addicts anonymous (SLAA) etc.) and the success of these programs hinge on a few key factors: the participant's belief in a power greater than themself (you can define for yourself who/what that power is), being in conscious contact with that power and being of service to others by giving away the gift you've received. While these programs help the individual who joins, those who actively participate can attest they're more truly "help others" than "self help." I can't recommend them enough, they've truly changed my life... and I was inspired after reading how they changed Cheryl Richardson's as well.

What I got from Sage's book is that, we must investigate the motive to why we want things. If you truly want love, you must love yourself first. If you want that new house, why do you want it? Do you want to make it in acting because you desperately want attention?

She talks about numerous people who use the law of attraction only to see things get worse and worse but then when they connect to a higher power and love - things begin to change dramatically. I think, once again, this ties into the power of now. accepting what is is the first step to getting to the next level. There's no way you can manifest if you're in resistance. And when you truly accept every situation for what it is - you will learn - as I have - that happiness is not a desination - it is a choice. How else could one explain the serenity I feel right now at a time when I don't even know how bills will get paid next month? My father died? My mother needs medical coverage.

I no longer have the luxury to just waste all my thoughts on big material objects because well, I just don't. But, I will say this, I recognize the design of God's plan. I moved home six months ago thinking it was for my mom, little did I know, it would be the last six months I'd have with my father. I also made amends to him and we got very, very close. You can not stop life from happening just because you practice the law of attraction. Bad things WILL happen - that's life. People will die - that's life. Accidents may occur but what you DO have power over is how you respond - and from that - what you attract and manifest into your life will be the fruit of the law of attraction.

I have known from a young age, I want to do something of service with my life. I want to help others. And so, my way of doing that now is being honest, connecting to God and sharing with people what I'm learning so maybe it wil help them - as opposed to saying, Oh, once I make it in music, then I'll start giving money to charity. You must be charitable now. I think everyone (with any rational brain) recognizes how Oprah uses her brilliance and power to help others and give back. She truly is someone of service. But not everyone is going to be Oprah, maybe your town, your coworkers, your family needs you to be the best YOU you can be... and who knows... maybe it will influence someone else.

I love studying and performing speech, I'm most likely going to become a communication professor the way things are heading. I had an interesting experience this year where I thought some kid was staring at me weird and so I immediately assumed he thought I was [insert negative thought} - well, later on he came up to me and told me that when he saw the piece I won speech nationals with in university (forensics nationals/AFA-NIET for those familiar), that it inspired him to get into oral interpretation and study speech. I couldn't believe it. Me? Inspired someone? I've met others who've said they same and it just goes to show... you never know who you're affecting so focus on doing all things in your life with love. And put self-love first, draw boundaries when necessary, honor yourself and do what you gotta do to take care of yourself first because no one else will.


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Comment by PJ on January 7, 2009 at 7:40am
Your strength, courage and insightfulness are always an inspiration to others. Thank-you for sharing your life and your learnings so candidly! PJ
Comment by M on January 4, 2009 at 10:15pm
thank you so much for providing the link to the blog site! i've printed it out. YOU ROCK!
Comment by Elisa on January 3, 2009 at 11:41am
Thanks for this. We need to connect to a higher power and love in order to manifest our goals and dreams.

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