The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I can't stress more to anyone who might be reading this ... (including myself when I re-read!!) -- IT is so important to rest your physical and mental body. As I write this you would think this is common sense and a "no brainer" however, I know that so many people really do over work their bodies. Let's take lessons from the dogs!!! They rest so easily!!

My realization for my so profound blog title' "Resting is Important" - is the fact that I've just emerged from a complete rest! It wasn't always easy to be resting ...
- Good Resting takes effort to stay in a "feel good" place while your energy slows down.

To get you updated on where I'm at on the MPL Art Journey ... I left Savannah, 1/17 and arrived in Austin, TX on 2/13 and stopped off in 8 places along the way. (you want to know more - check out other posts/pages!!) In Austin, at several venues/events, I shared & co-created the MPL Mobile (I'm changing the name so for now, its the MPL Mobile). THEN I drove across the Southwest to Venus Beach where I spent two weeks in SoCal before traveling to Northern California.

I was getting tired and at this time, I started to get frustrated with what to do next with the MPL Mobile. I wasn't willing to abandon the project - I just knew I needed a break. Where could I go ?

I wanted to find a place where I could comfortably live/work/sleep in a warm place, with outside that I can access, bike, walk and be around someone who knows & loves me?! My cousin offered me her place in NE Ohio and I was in San Fransisco. That was a long drive! The idea of traveling slowly exhausted me! Then I also started visualizing other things that are important to me when choosing where I want to live... I want to be around a creative/spiritual urbanish community. My cousin lives in an amazing small town too far from an urban area so it wasn't feeling right.

I know how important it is to make decisions/choices from the "feel good" spot.
Never make a decision under duress if you can't change your mind easily!!!

I have been consistently asking the ANGELS for help along this way [sometimes I forget however when I remember, it feels like they've always been there and they have!] I asked my angels and I heard my friend who lives in St Paul, MN name. Guess where I am - yep! Living in a beautiful home, with a amazing friend and a few silly dogs & teenage boy! I found a CL ride share to help me travel in 4 days from San Francisco to the Twin Cities [that's another story!]

The first week, OH MY I had Travel Lag begin time!! So grateful that this was the only time since I was traveling that I did this to myself!! After laying around for 4 days, I was having trouble getting back into a groove. I started watching Netflix. [Once you start watching "United States of Tara" - you have to finish the whole season!!!]I was laying around at all hours of the day, my room is like sleeping in the womb of a tree! My body started to get stiff. Thoughts that I have pretty good control over starting to appear ... "

you're so lazy, look at where you're at, after all of this traveling still no consistent source of income from art, you're a failure, you're too old, you've wasted you're life,

I could go on but it feels yucky to write these thoughts because they are so not TRUE!!!!

I am so grateful for all of the "spiritual tools" I have to access to move through these lower energy moments because today - I feel really good to be back in the game of MY life! Every day since I arrived in the Twin Cities, I took a daily "ACTION" step to keep myself aligned with My Spirit - no matter how small. I pull Arch Angel cards (Doreen Virtue, thank you!] so this one step I take. If this is it, then its enough. However, I know in order to raise my vibration, I require more movement than just pulling a card so I went swimming, took a bike ride, walked the dogs, listened to Hay House, read inspirational posts/emails, called friends, mediated and was quiet in nature. DID I DO THIS EVERY DAY -- hell no!

However, doing just a little creates movement which allows you to do more! Today, I've mediated, finished an important letter, took care of emails and now I'm about to finish a BLOG POST! Two weeks ago to accomplish all of this would have been challenging. I was all out of balance. Today however, I've re-energized my mind/body/spirit which means. I'm feeling really good! Good enough to take bigger action steps to feel good being ME 24/7 using my skills & talents!

Not everyone has the luxury to relax for 3 weeks or at least they think they don't - we can create the ideal lifestyle. It takes making choices that aligned with your spirit. The more of us who are willing to make these choices - the easier it will be for anyone who is feeling the desire to make this choice.


Yes you are!!
We are more prepared than we think we are! Stop always trying to figure it out ...
Recognize your Knowledge & USE IT!

Take the effort to Meditate - see what happens?!

Take the effort to walk 30 Minutes today - aren't you worth it?!

It's your CHOICE... stay attached to the always being "ALMOST THERE"

Make this moment your right now!

You are already beautiful - Now be Gorgeous!
Have Faith in your Beauty - Spirit
Guide YOU!

this happens easily when YOU use your Skills & Talents, honestly
sometimes this requires a different kind of effort.
Requires creating & using Spiritual Tools of your own design that help you through the challenges
Because challenges do happen.

Its not MY job to Stop the Challenges
- its my JOB to handle them- be ready.
I am ready!!

Are you?! I bet you are :)
If you need any encouragement, comment!
For more personal and in depth re-energizing,
email me for details.

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