The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Okie. Everything I ask got delivered very fast, AGAIN.

For the record, I asked for some unexpected joy and happiness on Day 56. It took the Universe two days to deliver.

For whole day today I was fairly "peaceful" and a bit stressful in the afternoon dealing with work. I'm still struggling to try to figure out what motivates me. My life coach at lunch time made me cry because I just didn't know what motivates me and makes me excited about life. After listening and analysing my Saturday dreams, her solution was: Sharon, your dream is really powerful. I seldom see people having such intuitive dreams. If you don't know what tao do, just dream, and dream hard!

In the afternoon, a colleague sent me his new blog writing about a joke-drink that he invented. The ingredients include: "4 shots of expresso, cream and a mountain of chocolate sprinkles". The name is Bullet Head. As I did feel like putting a bullet in my head so that I could have more feelings, I decided to try it. It was a lot of fun but later put me into a very surreal status that I was panting hopelessly at my thai boxing.

Feeling weak after Thai boxing, I started dreaming to entertain myself on the bus back, and I had a really big dream. I think that's the biggest and most fulfilling dream I ever had and it felt so exciting and so real and so achievable. I had all the pictures coming through my mind like a movie and I felt like it had just happened. I've consciously tried so many visualisation before and this is the most real one.

I dreamed that I wrote an amazing book, had it published, made it to the movie, I asked F to do the music, he made a piece of great music and his dream came true, the movie won Oscar. We went to the Award. We gave thanks to each other for the important role we played in each other's life. Happy ending.

I know I'm probably stoned by 4 expresso shots, but the dream was real. The action plan is clear too and I'm already on my way - I can read, I can write, and I'm writing, I also studied movies in University.

1. Start writing and write better and better

2. Have a great idea and write a book

3. Have it published

4. Have a studio to make it a movie

5. Invite him to do the music

6. Make the movie

7. Win the Award

8. Attend the Award ceremony

9. Happy ending

Somehow we all dream when we were kids. If we were not trained to "dream less and face reality" and dream less and less, smaller and smaller, the world would be a much better and exciting place. Since I've been practicing being practical for 30 years and still ended up here trying to re-create my reality, I am very convinced that it's time to start dreaming again, and of course follow it. And I ask the Universe to make my dream come true.

As if this exciting dream is not enough, at the end of a chat with a friend that I just "reconnected", he casually mentioned: "Do you know what's happening tomorrow?" When I answered "no", I knew something good was going to happen. "Uncharted 3". "What!" I exclaimed and then cursed as I visualised. And even better as my friend is going away for 10 days, he agreed to lend me his console to play the game so I wouldn't need to buy a new one.

Okie, I know this is geeky, but Uncharted 1 & 2 were one of the best games on Play Station 3 ever. I had so much fun and satisfaction playing it with F before. Uncharted 3 - just the two words have already brought so many loving memories and happiness to me. This is going to be an unprecidented second picture in my blog, but here it is.

So today I am grateful for so many things: myself being able to wake up and go to work, coffee and muffin in the morning, nice chat with a colleague at lunch, my life coach, Andrew and Bullet Head, friends' support to my blog, a great thai boxing session and my trainer who was training me really hard though he was exhausted by his own training too, the Universe delivered my 2 excitements today - my dream and Uncharted 3, my friend who delivered the news and generously agreed to lend me his play station, a satisfactory huge dinner, flatmate offered me to try her new facial, my online break-up buddy being supportive to me, my parents and F being part of the dream and being the one who pushed me to this path of finding myself, my passion, my life and my dream.

No special plan tomorrow other than a therapy. I'm very excited about waking up tomorrow morning.

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