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A few days ago I was faced with the need to make one of those big life decisions. I was at a fork in the road. I had been procrastinating on making this particular decision for a long time, and I knew the day had come to make it. As I sat pondering my options, I weighed up the two paths that lay before me. I knew that whatever path I decided to take was going to completely change the course of my life.

The Two Paths
I thought about the first path. It was definitely the safe road. I had walked this path many times. It was familiar, certain and easy. Taking this path would allow me to continue to glide along in my life as it had been. Nothing would need to change. I would not need to be challenged. I could just keep things the same. Sure, it didn't feel overly inspiring or exciting, but that didn't mean it was not appealing. I could hear a little voice of fear whispering to me to choose this path "The other path will be so hard. Why not just keep it easy and stay where you are?" It said. "What happens if you fail?" 

As I thought about the second path, little bubbles of anxiety began to rise inside me. This would definitely be the more challenging route. This path was new and unknown. It involved risks and uncertainty. I would be well out of my comfort zone and in order to handle it, I would have to stretch myself to be bigger and better than I had before. Although this path seemed scary and daunting, deep down I knew it was the right one for me. Taking this path was something I had dreamt of for years. It was the path of my heart. It was a path that involved all the things I loved to do and all the things I was most passionate about. It was the path I was born to take.

As I sat at this crossroad, I experienced what I call a daring moment. It was as if life was daring me.

"Do it!" It yelled. "Take the second path. I dare you."

And so I did. I made the decision and I followed through with the necessary action. I chose the second path. The path of my heart.

My Daring Moment
In case any of you are wondering what this path was that I decided to take, I will tell you. This week, I enrolled in a training course that will see me become an Advanced Practitioner of Life Coaching. This decision will kick start a brand new career path for me and take me to a completely different place in my life. Those who know me, know that this something I have been thinking of doing for a long time. And as a reader of a life of perfect days, you will know that the field of self development, life improvement, and happy living is a big passion of mine. I cannot think of anything better that getting to do this for a living, so that is what I am going to do! I look forward to sharing more of my journey and of course my learnings with you on this blog over the coming months.

Embrace Your Daring Moment!
Have you ever been faced with one of these moments in your life? A moment where you can decide to either embrace the daring opportunity that life is presenting to you, or let it pass you by?

In the past, I have faced many daring moments where I have chosen to back down and take the easy route. So, what made this time different? I believe there are a few key factors that will either support or destroy your ability to embrace your daring moment. Here is what helped me;

1. Connect With Your WHY
Ask yourself why it is that you would take either path. Is it because it is easier, safer, more certain? Or is it because it sets your heart on fire, ignites your passion and calls you to become a bigger and better version of yourself?

You want to choose the path that is filled with the most joy. It should feel exhilarating to you. If you really connect with your heart and what you are feeling as you think of the 2 options that lay before you, you will be able to determine which is driven by fear and which is driven by love.

If you choose to take the more challenging, yet love filled path, remain connected to your why through the whole process. Remind yourselfwhy you have made this choice. Anytime fear comes up, once again come back to your why. Think about all the amazing positive aspects of this new path you are taking, and move forward with your beautiful end result in mind.

2. Understand Your Fears
Here is one thing you need to know about fear. Fear = Self-Protection.

If you decide to take the second path, there is no doubt that your fearful voice is going to freak out and rush in with a thousand reasons why you should not and can not do it. This fearful voice is trying to protect you and keep you safe. It wants security, stability, comfort and sameness. It does not want to see you fail as this will risk the love and acceptance it thinks you need. 
Rather than getting all caught up in the drama of these thoughts, just take a step back. Remember, these thoughts are not real. They are simply a self-protective mechanism. Remain calm, and become aware of what is going on in your mind. Identify these thoughts and notice them. Then, all you need to do is simply say to yourself "Thank you thoughts, I know you are just trying to protect me, but I am safe and all is well and only good lies before me" And then let them go. 

3.  Decide. Commit. Act
Once the decision has been made, commit yourself 100% and then follow through with immediate action. If you procrastinate, wait or decide to think about it for a bit longer, you will lose your moment. When the impulse is there you must jump on it immediately. If you wait, you will simply be giving your mind the perfect opportunity to step in and talk you out of it.

You must follow through with action before you have even a second to stop and think what you are doing. Act now, analyse later. Daring moments are lost by deliberation. It is a waste of time. Once you know this is the path for you, then you must follow through immediately.

Prior to making your decision, I do believe that you need to create adequate time and space to get clear on your decision. But unless proactive steps are taken, nothing will happen. Sure, it may feel scary. It will probably completely freak you out. That is ok. This is a good sign. It means you are taking a leap out of your comfort zone, and in to the zone where dreams are created.

4. Be Willing To Not Know
Any time you take a risk in life, you are going to have to embrace uncertainty. You are going to have to forgo your ability to predict and control the outcome. You are going to have to willing to not know how things are going to pan out.

Living this way forces you to become extremely present. When you step on to a bold new path that is filled with unknowns it is impossible to control how things will unfold. All you can do is take life one step at a time. Just take the step that lies before you in this very moment, and do not worry about anything else.

All you can do is set your intention and then show up each day and do what you can. You are not going to have the answers all at once. They will be revealed over time. You need to learn to trust the process that is unfolding, and trust that the Universe is supporting you. The amazing payoff of living a daring life, is by being willing to relinquish some of your control, you actually create a beautiful space for the Universe to step in and help you.

5. Support Yourself
Following a path that takes you out of your comfort zone can sometimes be a rocky road. It can be emotionally and physically testing. So, it is important to support yourself with positive and empowering thoughts, and to take good care of your body through these times of transition. Nurture your body with healthy foods, take adequate time out for rest and set aside time to get quiet and connect with your inner guidance.

There may be times when negative voices try to creep in to your mind to cut you down or hold you back. In order to succeed, you are going to need to be your own cheerleader. Congratulate your self on having the courage to take these steps, encourage yourself when you're facing challenges and give yourself positive reinforcement for all the actions you take along the way. Support yourself the way you would a best friend or a young child. Speak lovingly to yourself and believe in yourself, and you will be much more equipped to handle whatever your daring moment throws at you along the way.

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