The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 0 Official Countdown day to Dec. 1st

I've been giving alot of thought to the intentions that I would like to put out this challenge. Most of them will be centered around career and I feel like its really important to keep them within a scope that is believable to me. This has been a stumbling block in the past for me. They are a mish mash of "wants" right now that I will spend some time this afternoon putting into some kind of new alignment of steps or milestones that I'd like to reach. I would like to attract in clients that are perfectly aligned with me. I would like to gain four new listings but I'm not sure what kind of time frame I should put on that. I will sell the house on Salvatore and in the first two weeks of january I will sell the house on Maybrook. Then that leaves me with no more inventory so between now and then I would like to gain four more houses. Well that was easy! I just clarified my first intention.
1. I intend to list four houses by the first week in January. (so the first 36 days of the challenge)
2. I intend for these houses to list at $250,000.00 or more each. These houses will be listed in a realistic selling range and the owners will get along very well with me and be always cooperative.
Two intentions down! lol....
Somewhere I think I threw out the intention that I would like to have a specific amount of money earned by the end of the 100 day challenge but at the moment I can't remember what that number was. So what I've decided on is to break up my yearly goal into quarterly numbers and that will be part of my intentions.
Another intention will be to participate in a seminar that will catapult this career into 2010.
I think I might make a list up of all my "wants" and choose the ones I'll work on this challenge. The ones that are most important to me to achieve by March 10,2010. Cool date to end the challenge~~

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Comment by Terry on November 30, 2009 at 3:13pm
I can SO relate to what you said about thoughts (wants) being a mish mash. I so appreciate the way you are clarifying your intentions ... this is really helpful for me - helping to get my act together and get some clarity on mine. Thanks Carrie!

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