The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I actually gave myself a head start to all of this on the organization yesterday evening.  I cleaned out my fridge and organized and cleaned different things in my home.  

Today I woke up, exercised the day 1 of my 90 day exercise program, have had nearly 8 22 oz cups of water, had nearly all raw vegan food today.  I am still learning how to prepare things that way, so I am going to give myself the time to learn, study, and adapt.  In the meantime, I am going as all raw vegan as I can.

I did do my affirmations and gratitude list before I left the house.  I think from now on I will stop and focus only on that though, instead of moving around getting ready at the same time, so that I can really feel the positive in my body, and feel the energy going out to the universe.

I have started a journal this morning.  I decided to measure and weigh myself once per week.  In the evening I will log what I have eaten, drank, and how I have felt, to monitor my health progress.

I went shopping today and bought produce.  It is amazing how much cheaper it is to buy 2 large bags of produce than 2 large bags of other things!

I am really looking forward to tomorrow.  I plan to meditate every evening before I sleep.  

Good day 1!

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