The 100 Day Reality Challenge

So here I am at Day 1 and I am not going to's hard. I want want want so badly to achieve all my goals and change my life and yet it is just so hard to trust that the hard work will pay off, that ignoring all of the noise inside my head won't end in disaster. It's safe here inside my comfort zone, I am miserably safe but safe nonetheless. It's so scary to put myself out there.

Gah! I am overwhelmed but I am determined to do this. I am a very capable girl. My biggest hurdle is overcoming my mind. If I could just conquer my thoughts, the rest is just a matter of creating opportunities and dreaming up possibilities.

So I guess I should comment on my progress towards my 100 day goals.

* I have finalised my PhD area of research. It is an area that extends beyond what my current job is doing and lends itself perfectly to where I see myself heading. I need to chase down a few l bits and pieces next week and then in my next Skype session with my supervisors I should be ab;e to lock down my exact question and start preparing my literature review.

* I have made friends with a photographer who is just starting her business. I have been able to work out an arrangement where I am trading off doing some assistant work in her business for some lessons in photography and photoshop. I am very excited about this.

* I joined Weight Watchers. Over the next 100 days my goal is to lose 15.8kg. This would bring me back to the same weight I was when I was married. Not sure my body will look the same tummy and all!

* I have decided that I don't want to wait to launch my business. I want to do something now! I don't know what the hell that is or how I do it but I know I don't want to wait. Let's get this show on the road!!!

So where to next?

* I need to start my exercise program. I have been massively procrastinating on this front. To be fair, I have been suffering from the worst sinus headaches and because I am breastfeeding I can't take any of the usual medications I take at this time of the year. I have also had a teething, unsettled baby who has been sleep-avoiding like a boss! Regardless, exercise will help me achieve my weightloss goals, will improve my energy levels, clear my head and improve my mood. Plus, I have tracked down some awesome yoga DVDs for my resistence training and my coach sent me a running program. Yoga and running are my 2 favourite forms of exercise....chuck in some dancing and that's my exercise trifecta (oh.....also outdoor walking and hiking.....LOVE THIS TOO!). I actually really enjoy exercising. I don't know why I let myself off the hook with this so easily! Anyway, my goal is to exercise 6 sessions this week, 3 running and 3 yoga. I'm thinking I might double up one day so I can have 2 days off. I'm journalling it to keep me accountable, so I'll keep you posted.
6 sessions this week. It's in writing so I must do it.

* I need to chat to my coach this week about my business and working for myself. I have a lot of ideas but I need to work out what it will all look like and how I can get the ball rolling. Did I mention how much I love having a coach? I spent the first few days fretting about my decision to commit to a coach that I actually did absolutely nothing! I felt so selfish taking so much money out of our budget, particularly when money is so tight at the moment. But once I got my head around it I can see that it is going to be awesome.

* I have been reading through the attitudes of co-creators and I really want to try and adopt some of these. I have some tricky family and work dynamics and I regularly find myself wallowing in extreme melancholy and worse....full on anger. I hate feeling like this. I hate that these emotions are fueling my behaviour. I want to find a way to rise above it, particularly where my family and work are involved. I want to be someone who inspires others with the way the way I live my life. I want to be grateful and worthy of the amazing life I have, not waste it by being negative and angry. It's going to be family are very annoying. Sometimes it feels like I am the mother and they are my teenaged children who like to push my buttons! hehehehe.

Onwards and upwards....

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Comment by Spinkle on May 4, 2013 at 6:40pm

Oooh! I love that saying!! Thank you!

Comment by Thx 4 ur support in my journies! on April 29, 2013 at 6:29pm

Phd, photografer, breastfeeding, yoga. We share some synchronisities which I think are funny. However it is in the real world, in this blog these words and the way they came up were very amusing for me to read:) Trust your inner being and set your intentions. You'll get what you want! When fear kicks in, I always rely on this saying" The Universe supports those who support the universe". Good luck on your journey this season!

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