The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I'd actually started my first first season in Feb, but I had no data connection. I thought I might journal, but that phased out after about two weeks. So here I am again. I'm willing myself to stay happy, loving and create the reality I desire for the next 100 days and beyond. Boo yeah!

My first order of business is my new home. Its THE most beautiful thing I've ever seen and I just know that I'll be moving inthis April 1st. Any and all positive thoughts are so very appreciated. The second task is a career. Now I'm not going for just anything. My career allows me to work whenever I want and play, too. Maybe mix the two. I'd started on Solavei but I'm not sure that I believe in it anymore. I don't think it's the right thing for myself. I've got a passion for music. Maybe I'll try that out. I get the best vibes from just thinking about singing.

And last, but most definitely not least is my significant other. I made a list of all the qualities I wanted in my man (and I was very, very specific) and was introduced to the guy that fulfilled all of them and more a few months ago. Sad thingg is, every time we try to get in touch, something happens, and we fall out. I really need some advice on this one.

In fact, any and all suggestions/loving thoughts are welcomed if you happen to have them. Especially tips for endurance. I've already fell off the bandwagon once, and I'm staying on this time around.

Cheers to a new successful season and happy co-creating.

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Comment by Salina R. on March 24, 2013 at 10:49am
Thanks so much. I'll definitely check it out.

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